Three Technologies Every Landlord Should Use

Being a landlord can be tough work. You are often asked to play many roles, like the realtor, repairman, and even interior decorator. But being a landlord can be extremely rewarding, and there are certain things you can do to simplify the job for yourself. Landlords have existed for a long time, but technology has been evolving rapidly. Here are three technologies that will make it easier for you to be an excellent landlord.

Online rental application

One of the most important parts of bringing in new tenants is the rental application. Traditionally, the rental application has been on paper, but online rental applications have a huge advantage over paper ones. They will save you more time, are easier for the tenant to complete, and have the benefit of already being digital. This means a credit and background check can be run right away. 

The online rental application will list your properties for you then send the application to any prospective tenants. They will be asked to provide their basic information, financial details, and anything else you have requested. You can even customize the applications to include any questions you may want to ask your future renters. 

You can even manage your renters in the system. This process helps streamline the application for both landlords and tenants. Your future renters will be thrilled that you are offering a cutting edge and easy-to-use product.   

Cell phone booster

Once you’ve found the perfect tenants, it’s important they continue to be happy with your property and what you are providing. There is one piece of technology that you might never have considered, but could be quite useful for your rental spaces. A cell phone booster for home might just be the thing that persuades tenants to stay with your properties. This is especially important in rural areas where cell phone signals might not be as strong. There are billions of smartphone users and your tenants might prioritize a good cell phone signal when they are looking for a place to live. 

The cell phone booster can be easily installed in your tenant’s building. Your renters will never have to compromise on their cell phone signal in order to find the perfect place to live. Since rental units almost never come with landline phones anymore, the strength of the cell phone signal is a very important factor and one that should be addressed, if possible. 

Digital signature collection

You’ve found the right tenants, you’ve created the perfect rental space, but now you need to make sure everything is in order for your renters to move in. One thing that is crucial for landlords to take care of is the rental agreement. Digital signature collection makes everything easier for landlords. You’ll be able to easily send your tenants documents to sign, like the rental agreement or rental renewal agreement, and then can sign it and send it back. You won’t have to wait to make sure you see your tenants in person or have them send the documents back in the mail. 

The other huge advantage of digital signature collection is that the online system will store your signed documents for you. This means you no longer have to keep large file cabinets full of rental agreements, and you won’t have to go looking for the document if your renter requests a new copy. It’s important that this paperwork stays in a secure and safe place, and using a digital system will help you keep everything in order.  

Technology has been a huge help for landlords and has made a difference in property rental and management. If you haven’t yet started implementing some of these technologies, take a look at what you’re missing. 

Compare property managers

Sometimes It can get a bit too much for landlords and the stress of managing a property can take its toll.
This is why many opt to find a property manager to help alleviate some of the stress involved in being a landlord. A property manager can assist in finding tenants, fixing property damage or taking control of the property entirely.

Platforms like Rentround help landlords by comparing the property manager market. Landlords can quickly see which property manages work in their area, how much they charge & their services.