Best Top Mac file shredder, Super Eraser for Mac Review | Delete Files Or Documents With Confidence

Millions of storage drives installed in servers, computers, and portable devices. The storage devices hold hundreds of personal and professional files & folder that you don’t want to give access. In 2020, data is everything, and it will play a crucial role in the advertising network. Privacy invaders are finding multiple ways to access computers without the owner’s knowledge, and stealing information.

What is Super Eraser for Mac OS X?

Super Eraser is a DoYourData program, which enables the macOS consumers to erase data from the drives. The MacBook or Mac PC provides delete option, but you can recover deleted data back to the original state. No matter which manufacturer machine you are using, you can always recover data from a drive. So Mac file shredder is a must have tool to securely delete the files.

Super Eraser for Mac provides advanced cleaning option, which leaves zero chances of recovery and nobody can recover a single fragment from it. I have recovered data from a deleted USB drive that was removed from it 15 days ago. By using Super Eraser, you can leave zero chance of file recovery.

DoYourData: Super Eraser Features

How deep you can erase the files and folders? You have to learn about the effectiveness of the program and how it keeps your macOS PC safe from third-party invaders. Remember, Apple protects the consumers from operating system flaws, so third-party invaders cannot take advantage of the loopholes. However, Apple OS does not help invasion from the permission granted third-party software’s.

1. File Formats

Permanently deleting a file or folder requires file formats support, and the eraser wipes up every single file available on the selected drive. You can get rid of video, audio, photos, documents, emails, and more. The file format doesn’t matter at this point because of the program designed to wipe out the selected folder or file permanently. The program works smoothly on the wide-range of drives as well, and I will provide in-depth information about it.

2. Supported Storage Devices

A number of storage devices matter because I use different types of drives, and I want to wipe data permanently from a USB drive and portable devices. Super Eraser developers released a program that supports multiple storage devices such as USB flash drive, Memory cards, SD cards, RAID server, HDD, SSD, Mac drives, Digital device, and more. No need to worry about the file system damage because the program doesn’t touch the file system.

3. File Shredder

I have already mentioned about the number of storage drives supported and it also comes with file shredder. The advanced option called “File Shredder” offers breaks down every fragment of the piece of the file, and then it will permanently delete it without a trace. Of course, you can wipe out deleted files existing in recycle bin and it will

4. Erasure History

The program developed by DoYourData Super Erasure provides a section, which enables the administrators to confirm, which file or folder deleted in the past. You don’t want to mistaken or have misconceptions that you have deleted the file mistakenly. The history window will show you detailed information about the number of files or folders deleted in all aspects, so a day, time, and method selected doesn’t matter.

5. Wipe Hard Drive

In case, if you have a storage device such as external drive cleaned on a different computer, but you are not sure about it, then you can use the wiper. The inbuilt Wipe HDD enables administrators to wipe every single piece of fragments hidden somewhere in the device.

How to use Super Erasure?

I believe in program features demonstration and I am going to provide quick instructions on how you can wipe a device.

Step 1: I assume that you have downloaded the program and installed on the Mac PC. Launch the Super Erasure and then click on Wipe Hard Drive, and it will display advanced options.

Step 2: Now, you have to select the drive and I have selected removable storage device and then click on Wipe Now.

Step 3: Depending on the drive size and it consumes a few moments to wipe files in it.

Step 4: You will get a confirmation message on the screen, and click on “CLOSE” to complete the process.

Bottom Line

The solution is not available for free of cost, and you can purchase a license from the official site for $19.00 (1 Year License) and $39.00 (Lifetime License). Let us know what do you think about the Super Erasure in the comment section below.