Some Big Brands Not Included in the Leaked Samsung Android 10 List

Some Big Brands Not Included in the Leaked Samsung Android 10 List

Android 10 is the ultimate new thing after its previous version, Android 9. It was released on September 3 for Google Pixel phone at first, but soon other phones will adopt it. This version was introduced as Android Q at Google IO 2019; however, it has since been officially rebranded as Android 10. Now it is official that global android users can quickly switch to it. 

There is no doubt that this is a global operating system, and therefore, it is not a secret anymore that the names are clear. They also are reputable to any Android user. This latest upgrade brings on board a wide range of new and improved features, to the extent that Google has already listed them on their official page for the newest software.  

Nonetheless forget about all the excitement surrounding Android 10, as we currently understand that it is available in a limited number of phones. The fact is that no Samsung phone is yet to adopt it. However, a whole lot of other brands seem to get this upgrade soon. 

AndroidPure has a screenshot of what is thought to be the Company’s Android 10 update list. The list contains a wide variety of tablets and mobile phones, including those of reputable names such as Galaxy S10 Plus, Galaxy S10, Galaxy S7 Edge, Galaxy Note 10, Galaxy S10e.

 The Note 9, as well as the Galaxy Note S9 range, is purported to get this latest version of Android. Nonetheless, nothing has been said about Galaxy S8 or Note 8. This, however, is not surprising because these phones are now over two years old since they hit the markets. As of now, Google Pixel 4 will launch with Android 10. 

Most other entries in Galaxy A, J and also the M range, according to the list at the Google’s official page down for this Android 10 update. These are the top Galaxy Tab Model, including the infamous Galaxy Tab S4 and the Galaxy Tab S5e. 

Another strange thing also is that there is still no mention of Galaxy S10 5G or the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6, taking into consideration that these two will soon be getting the Android upgrade.

This means, therefore, that the Google Pixel list could be either inaccurate or incomplete. Therefore you ought to take this list or the whole news on the page with a pinch of salt. 

This list also does not even reveal when any of the listed devices will be receiving the Android 10 upgrade. Therefore, somewhat, we should brace ourselves for another long wait for them to get the upgrade. There is a possibility that the recent flagships will be the first ones to receive the upgrade. However, for the case of Galaxy S7 Edge, Samsung Galaxy S10, and the galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy 10, these could be among the first ones in line to get the upgrade. 

What You Should Know About Android 10

This version is simple, smarter, and helpful, more than its previous versions. For instance, when you receive a message with an address to a YouTube video, you can open the message and navigate in the Google Maps, or you can open that video on YouTube. You do not have to copy and paste the link.

It also comes with new privacy and even excellent security controls. This can let you choose only share your location with applications whilst still using them. You also get notified when an application that is not active tries to access your location. Therefore you can decide whether to share location or not. There are many more features that this upgrade comes with, that you need to check out here.