Having trouble of recovering lost data? Try EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

Once I lost the data. What to do? How to recover?

We all know that good habits must be maintained while using computer, and the important files should be backed up for security. However, sometimes things just don’t work out that way. Delete files accidently, format disk, system crashes, virus attack, dead disk, etc. Do you desire to have the data back?

In fact, some files seem to have been deleted, but actually they are still stored in the volume.

Today, I’ll introduce this free software – EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard(資料救援軟體) which was developed by EaseUS Software. It’s a high probability to help you find the lost files. This software is able to recover lost data no matter what kind of situation you’re in.

Is it complicated to recover data?

The operation of using EaseUS Data Recovery is quite simple. The interface is clean and easy to understand. Those users who are not familiar with computer OS can even easily know how to use this software and successfully save lost files.

Here’s the tutorial for using EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard:

Step 1. Select the disk

Choose the location where you lost your data. The location can be desktop, recycling bin or specific folder, you can also choose formatted USB for rescue.

elect the location on Windows 10

Step 2. Scan disk

After selecting the location, the software will automatically begin to scan the files that can be recovered.

can windows 10 data

Step 3. Preview and Recover

EaseUS Data Recovery Software also provides the feature of previewing file, so that you can check the file content before deciding whether to restore it. It’s a quite convenient feature!

ecover windows 10 lost data

In a free version, there’s 2GB of recovery capacity you can use; in addition, in a Paid version, there’s an additional disk feature that allows users to make an emergency disk. Not only the data can be recovered, but the PC can also be rescued. You can choose the version according to your needs.