How to Create Multiple Work from Home Locations on Your Property

Working from home became the norm during the lockdown, and for many working from home is still their reality. Perhaps your employer has even opened their eyes to the power of flexibility as well, and you now have the option to continue to work from home indefinitely or several days per week.

While many have missed the social element of the office, that doesn’t mean working from home is a waste and something you can forget about. Every smart employer should be able to accommodate more work from home hours and grant the flexibility to their employees.

Once you have this freedom, however, you need to take advantage of it by improving your home’s capabilities to let you work productively in a positive environment.

Improve Your Lounging Spaces for Better Back Support

One of the most challenging parts of working at a desk is your back. Sitting “incorrectly” feels good compared to sitting upright all day and every day. It does, however, cause damage to overtime.

To maintain good spinal health and work better at home, you are going to want to tackle this problem head-on by improving all the lounging spaces in your home. Support your back, improve your work.


The first low-cost and effective tool you will want to use to improve the lounging areas throughout your home is a pillow. One that can support your lower back or neck depending on how and where you want to work. They aren’t as good an option as the others in the list, but they are the most accessible. You could even use your pillowcase while you wait for these other great options to arrive by mail:

Bean Bag Chairs

If you want a great spot to work in total comfort and support, then a bean bag chair can be your unexpected best friend. You can position yourself in the right spot to work on your laptop or to read a report and have your entire spine supported from head to toe.

There are great options out there, including high quality and affordable Lovesac alternative that you can customize to suit your interior design style. It will blend in perfectly to your home and give you an incredibly comfortable working environment that eases the pressure off your spine. As it’s portable, you can move it around your home as necessary.

Professional Office Chairs

Your main desk, which likely has more than one monitor as well as any paper or file you need, should have a professional and adjustable office chair. A high-quality one supports your back and spinal health and encourages you to effortlessly sit correctly without any additional effort on your part.

Portable Back Support

There are small devices that help provide the essential back support you need on any chair, so if you want to convert your straight back and wooden dining chairs into a comfortable work environment, you just need a specialized spring back device to support your lower back.

Keep Your Office Spaces Bright

Natural light is ideal for office environments, so you’ll want to focus your new office spaces near bright areas.

Near Windows

The most obvious choice is near a window. Set up your main desk, bean bag chair, or any other working spot by a window to stay positive and productive.

With Mirrors

You can brighten your whole space by using mirrors. Simply place them strategically so that they work to reflect light into the darker corners of your home best. Large statement mirrors are best for the job as they also work to visually open up the space and prevent you from feeling claustrophobic when working from home.

With Decorations

Mirrors are not the only way you can reflect light. White walls and shiny décor both do the same thing. Vases with a glossy finish will reflect light, the glass on any picture or painting you have in your home will reflect light, and so on. This opens up the design possibilities beyond just “stick a mirror on the wall”.

Optimize Your Office Set

You don’t need to have the full office set at every single spot in your home. You will mix and match locations based on the task that you need to do. Just make sure that you have optimized your office and office spaces so that you can work effectively throughout your home.

Your Home’s Headquarters

Your main desk should have more than one monitor and all the fancy gadgets you need to do your work. It will be your main hub at home, so it’s a good idea to think about your office as your home’s headquarters. Your files, stationery, paper, printer, and anything else will be located.

Traveling Office Supplies

By putting together what you need in an easy-to-carry format, you can bring everything you need to work in different spots throughout your home without the fuss or the mess. Some examples of what you should get ready include:

  • Pencil Case
  • Notebook and Post-It Notes
  • Laptop and/or Tablet

The best part about putting together these traveling supplies is that they aren’t limited to your home. If you want to work in a café or outside you can and have everything that you need with you. If you are aiming to work out of your home, just remember to scout out Wi-Fi connections in advance, or invest in higher data plans. As soon as you work outside your home, you’ll also want to use a VPN to protect your and your employer’s data, though hopefully, your work will provide you a subscription on your behalf.

How to Take Advantage of Your Multiple Office Spots

Having multiple spots throughout your home to work in can really help you stay focused and inspired. By creating pre-planned areas, you can even save spaces like your couch or bedroom for relaxing, while other areas can be used for multi-purpose.

Every 90 minutes take a break and change location. Your body will be in a different position, you’ll have new things to look at, and it will actually help you feel like the day is going by more quickly.