How To Utilize A Cash Discount Program During Covid

How To Utilize A Cash Discount Program During Covid

The pandemic of 2020 has required that businesses adapt to a variety of changing situations. It hasn’t been easy, but retailers, restaurants and other industries have found new and better ways of doing things. One vital tool that might be of help to your business model is a cash discount program. In the simplest terms, a customer who pays with cash gets your best price. Someone who pays with a credit card does not get the discount. The difference is usually 4%. This allows your company to better absorb the processing fees that come with credit card payments. The customer is informed of the situation by clear signage in your facility, and the receipt clearly identifies the charges. This level of transparency makes if fair for both merchants and customers, which is one reason the practice is legal in all 50 states. Many companies report significant savings and increased profits from this program.

How To Establish a Cash Discount Program

It all begins with advanced software and hardware for accepting payments. A versatile POS system can be installed quickly and programmed to do what you want. The device should look appealing on your counter. The Clover mini takes up little space but is a powerhouse when it comes to expanding your capabilities. It can even help you deal with COVID-19 issues through contactless payment choices, mobile interfacing abilities and curbside pickup and delivery options. The credit card terminal can also be setup for a discount program for cash as well as a surcharge program. Both programs allow you to keep more money and pay less for card processing fees. The advanced POS system comes with many advantages:

  • Fast setup
  • Transparent pricing
  • Valuable solutions for many industries
  • Easy customization
  • Intuitive operation
  • Appealing graphics

The program also offers additional ways to make your life as a business owner or manager easy. Once a purchase is completed, the system includes your processing fees as a small charge is passed onto the customer. There is no complicated explanation needed. The customer will understand the situation immediately and be able to make the best choice for his or her needs.

How To Find the Right System

It’s never a good idea to rush out and buy a POS system without understanding exactly what you are getting. A mistake can be expensive and frustrating. A consultation will let you know your options and allow you to choose from various devices that match your needs. You can even look over demo systems to get a better feel for the potential of a device. Finally, once you purchase the POS system you should look forward to quality support that will ensure your device is up and running at all times.

As you learn more about the capabilities of technology when it comes to saving companies money, you might find yourself interested in credit card processing careers. The positives are many and include flexible hours and the chance to earn a good living. It is always nice to get in on a growing industry. It takes hard work and knowledge but it can lead to a brighter future.