How Can a Sales CRM Help You Leverage SMB Growth in 2021?

How Can a Sales CRM Help You Leverage SMB Growth in 2021? The small business after 2020 is very different from the small business as we knew it before 2020. The year of the pandemic, as it will go down in history books, is one that has created quite a furore in various segments of the world and the way it functions. These changes and the ensuing chaos has also hit businesses and the way they run. Yet, before we complain, it would be worthwhile to consider the fact that businesses have grown tremendously in the year 2020 – especially the ones that have moved online and decided to focus on their digital presence more than anything. If various reports are to be believed, then the drop shipping rates have increased by $4 Billion USD in 2020 alone, which is a direct side effect of the fact that everyone is shopping online. Which also means one very crucial thing – everyone should also be selling online. 

How Can a Sales CRM Help You Leverage SMB Growth in 2021?

Stepping into 2021, there is one word that you need to remember if you are a business owner. The word is leverage. There is growth for everyone in 2021 due to the movement and migration of all businesses online. This has created the basis for much growth. Yet, this growth has also brought us much competition. The attention span of the customer is fickle as ever and end users need a great deal of motivation and the right information in the right place, in order to give you a click, a scroll and then a sale. How does the small business owner manage all this in 2021? 

Sales CRM is what can get your boat to the shore. Here is what you need to know about it and how it can help you leverage growth for your SMB in 2021:

How Can a Sales CRM Help You Leverage SMB Growth in 2021?

To begin with, what is a sales CRM software? CRM or customer relationship management is the process or platform that helps in organizing your information with relevant functions so as to reach business goals with the best use of your resources. Automation is usually the hallmark of such a system, followed very closely by integration of various other platforms for far reaching and wholesome effects. This is the system that can propel your sales game, such are the benefits of Sales CRM. 

With the right sales CRM tool, you can reach your audience in an organized and data driven manner so as to make a sale and move through the sales pipeline in the best way possible. Let us take a look at the benefits of Sales CRM:

  • Relevant and Meaningful Lead Generation: Before we make a sale, we need to find the right people to sell to. This is where the benefits of sales CRM come into the picture. You will be able to reach the right leads and generate the data about the right audience. This will not help you save time and pursue the prospects who will actually reward you with a sale for your product or service. In this way, the sales CRM tool can bring you in direct touch with your audience so that you are able to use the data for engaging efficiently with your prospects. This will show you who you must focus on, and will help you get the right data to engage better for a sale to happen. 


  • Ease of Access: When you have a sales CRM tool running for you, it would be far easier to get in touch with your prospects. The information would be stored in the right fields so that it can be accessed by the right team members while engaging with the customer to make a sale. This would also come in handy when the customer would have to be contacted in case of a cross sell, re sell or an up sell. The various mediums of communication would be integrated with the sales CRM software so that you are able to keep in touch with the customers on a constant basis. With chat features as well as email marketing and social media campaigns built into the system, it would be easy to keep in touch with the customers and new prospects as well. 


  • Structured Workflow: The sales CRM software would help in creating a structured workflow that is based on information saved parallel to each function for each team member. This would help you take a more organized approach when generating leads and nurturing them with the various tasks within the sales pipeline. This is a very important way in which growth might be leveraged using the sales CRM. This workflow will set exactly which function will be done by which team member and with which information in place. You can also enhance the way the team functions by helping them understand their place in the workflow. 


  • Analysis and Insights: The sales CRM will give you insights and analytics on a regular basis. This is especially important if you want to leverage growth, since you would have to know whether or not you are on the right path that would take you towards the goals that you have set for the business. In order to do this, the analytics and insights would be your greatest compass which can be used to correct and change, as and when required so as to achieve the goals in a seamless wya and drive sales like never before. 


  • Better Transparency: With all these features in place, it should come as no surprise that the sales CRM software would be adept at keeping you on track even as the entire team knows what the status and level of progress for each sale is. This can help people pitch in where required with timely action. This would also help you further the sales pipeline in case someone is stuck at a certain place in the pipeline. Transparency is thus, one of the main things that would be built into the business when you adopt a sales CRM software.