Shipping from China has Become Easier and Convenient than Ever.

Whenever someone talks of cross-border commerce from any corner of the globe, he/she cannot leave out China in that story or discussion. The country enjoys a steady demand for various manufactured products including electronics, clothes, and furniture. Unfortunately, some retailers from the importing economies may not trade with China for the fear of delayed orders.

This article discusses some common shipping methods used to ensure importers get their orders conveniently:

Courier Services.

This refers to a company used to deliver packages, messages, and mails. These companies are known for their speed, specialization, security, post tracking, and swift delivery. Courier services are best suited for retailers with small orders and who want fast delivery.

  • Standard Shipping.

Chinese standard shipping methods include ePackets and China Post. They offer guaranteed security to your parcels and China Post Tracking services at affordable rates. Unfortunately, they are a bit slow to deliver which might delay your business. ePackets take about 7-12 business days to deliver parcels while the delivery of China Post packages takes 10-20 business days.

  • Express Shipping.

Some other courier services like DHL, Fedex, and UPS offer speedy shipping that can be traced from point to point. The average shipping time for the three companies is 5-8 business days depending on the delivery distance and packing complexity. However, these courier services aren’t the best option for businesses working under tight budgets because they are a bit expensive.

Air Freight.

If you are a retailer with slightly larger products, air freight is the best option to ship your cargo. Air transport is as fast as courier service shipping. Goods delivered by planes take 2-10 working days to reach their destinations.

The method is good for large retailers that specialize in small products. The only setback in this method of shipment is that air freight is subject to customs clearance that can result in delays, fines, and loss of cargo.

Sea Freight.

Cargo ships carry large merchandise and are cheaper than air freight. It is the most preferred shipment method used by dealers who import large amounts of goods.

Unfortunately, ships take too long to deliver your goods. Some shipments can take up to 3 months and hence it’s not convenient for urgent orders. Again, there is a customs clearance process like in air freight. The process might take longer because the customs department handles much cargo from different countries. You may also incur costs in paying fines and import taxes.


In drop-shipping goods are delivered directly from the manufacturer to the final consumer. If you are a retailer and want to avoid the storage cost, you can take advantage of drop shipping. As a retailer, you are supposed to pay for the product and the shipment fees while the supplier/manufacturer delivers to the customer. Customers order and pay for goods from your eCommerce website and then you pay the wholesaler to supply the item to the customer’s address. If you don’t operate with reliable suppliers, you will end up destroying your reputation to the customers.

With the many options available, you can choose any that suits your business and cargo size. Though some could be very cheap, shipment tracking is paramount for any delivery. It’s better to pay more in a company that offers tracking services for your goods’ security.