How to Improve Your Online and Offline Business Image

Businesses receive new tenders for work every single day, and most of them get deleted because they simply do not stand out.

The way business is done has changed a lot in 2021, with an increased focus on online lead generation and sales. As a result, you need to make sure that your online communication stands out from the crowd and that it’s more memorable than that of your competitors.

This can be easier said than done, but it far from impossible. Improving your business’ image is critical in this, and central to that is adding a personal touch, which can make all the difference when communicating with your future customers.

You need to start by asking yourself what you can do to improve your business that your competitors have not done to make a positive impression on your current and future customers.

Hire a professional answering service

You could hire a professional answering service. Most people would prefer to speak to another human being at the end of the phone rather than a mechanical answer phone recording that never seems to understand what you are saying and generally frustrates.

How much business gets lost from these types of answering machines is anyone’s guess, but you will agree it’s not a tiny amount. Having a professional receptionist at the end of the phone with an excellent telephone manner is a must-have for that personal touch. It can put your customer experience rating through the roof.

It also means that workers can get on with doing their more critical tasks than having to keep stopping what they are doing to answer the telephone and not having interruptions, which can lead to mistakes, errors, and things being forgotten.

Having a branded email signature

Investing in email signature software can give your company a standard and professional look. This would enable all contacts to see at a glance who has sent them the emails. It keeps every sign-off the same, so there are no deviations or fat-finger slips and keeps all correspondence uniform.

By using email signature marketing software, you could save a lot of time for your employees if they have a job that requires them to write a lot of individual emails.

Using Customer Relationship Management software

This software keeps all your customer details and that of their orders. It stores records of all the communications you have sent them. It not only holds customer details but that of potential customers, so you can manage future marketing campaigns.

This software can also make it easier to contact customers directly, and with a more personal opening to your emails, they are likely to get more attention than the standard miscellaneous ones.

A few final thoughts

There are many ways to improve your business’ image and get your business noticed for all the right reasons. Firstly, you could hire a professional answering service and let your employees concentrate on doing the core business tasks you pay them to do. Next, use email signature software and keep the emails you send looking professional and make a positive impression.

Lastly, using customer relationship software to keep all your customers’ and potential customers’ details with their past order history, payment details, and previous communication information, so nothing gets missed or duplicated. This would also help for use in future marketing campaigns.