5 Instagram Marketing Predictions for 2017

Instagram Marketing Predictions

5 Instagram marketing predictions for 2017 : With the arrival of 2017 the internet users must be thinking about how this year is going to change things for social-media websites and applications and what do they have to offer? Also, the followers of the famous photo sharing app, i.e., Instagram, must be thinking about what this app has to offer and what new features do this app is going to bring this year or what marketing strategy are they going to apply to attract more audience.

5 Instagram Marketing Predictions for 2017

5 Instagram Marketing Predictions for 2017

2016 was a great year for Instagram; they released around 20 new features which helped them in gaining more users and not to mention that they even changed their logo, and the new one is quite colorful. One of those features were just like Snapchat story shares except it seemed a little less attractive than Snapchat in the beginning but keeping in mind that their users only share their best pictures and not what they are doing at that moment, Instagram introduced this new feature. Keeping last year in view it seems like 2017 is promised to be a great year for Instagram and here are some Instagram marketing predictions for the year 2017.

5 Instagram Marketing Predictions for 2017

  • Instagram will finally introduce the clickable links:As you probably know it already that Instagram doesn’t allow clickable links on its photos yet, the only place where you post a link on Instagram is in your bio. So it does make things difficult for influencers, brands or any other small business that are looking to promote their stuff through Instagram. It became really hard for them to drive a big number of audience from Instagram, so they go and they look for different means to promote like most of them write the phrase “Link in bio” with every photo so that they can finally be able to lend you their link. So it looks like Instagram is going to take a look at it this year and it is very likely that they introduce clickable links to photos from now on. If they do that the brands and businesses will see it as a big opportunity and they will surely turn towards Instagram for promotions.
  • User experience and Analytics data are going to improve for Instagram:Instagram is now really looking to improve its analytics data and user experience. If you do the research, you will see that around 48{759ea7cc040b739ccdea57f6f3bf580aa9a47671a197b25f0707fbadbb7abadd} of brands are on Instagram as it is a must have app for brands and businesses these days and works excellently for promoting the brand. According to an estimate, the number of brands using Instagram will rise to around 70{759ea7cc040b739ccdea57f6f3bf580aa9a47671a197b25f0707fbadbb7abadd} by the end of this year, and it is also in regard that the Instagram revenue generated by mobile ads will reach around 2.8 billion dollars. This is how they are going to reach it by getting more businesses and brands as users on Instagram. So this shows that Instagram is highly focused on improving its analytics and also developing it as a better platform for ads as well.
  • Instagram will overtake Snapchat market share:

Now that the Instagram has introduced Instagram stories which are identical to Snapchat stories, it is highly likely that Instagram will take over Snapchat’s market share. A Snapchat’s story does allow the one to post the live pictures of life or business but it does not have the other features of Instagram. In other words, Instagram is offering you more features on a single platform. Now you can share your best images and get feedback from friends on them and you can also share your current moments on Insta. Also if you see the connect feature of Instagram which allows you to connect with other social sites like Facebook does give Instagram the advantage. On the other hand, Snapchat is not that good with connecting and through Instagram, you get to connect with more friends.

  • Instagram is going to improve the video feature:If you take a look at recent Instagram trends, then you will see that one of them is the Instagram video to play a bigger role in the application. It used to allow only 15-second video which seemed too short for it so now they have improved it to 60 seconds and this also gives brands opportunity to enhance and engage more followers. Also, the biggest change that they recently made is allowing the live video feature as well just like Facebook and YouTube. It is predicted that Instagram will release more video features in 2017.
  • Instagram leaving competitors behind with improved functionality:

    In its early stages, Instagram was seen only as a visual platform. All the brands and businesses used to see Instagram just as a visual platform and the only brands and business that saw it as a better marketing website were only brands with visual products.

The rest of the market did not see Instagram as a good audience driving platform. But now after years with Instagram introducing so many better features and product development have changed the things all around. Now after the addition of so many features like Hyper-lapse, Boomerang, longer video, zoom for photos and stories has made it a very efficient traffic driving platform and it has become a much more convenient marketing app for businesses and brands. So many companies are using this application in a creative way to drive more audience and to improve customer interaction. So with all these developments, if Instagram keeps introducing exciting new features there is no way that its competitors are going to catch it that soon.

These are the five major Instagram marketing predictions for 2017 and it looks like Instagram is going to make some exciting new changes this year for its users and they are also going to beat their market competitors.