How to Start a Travel Website with Ease

Start a Travel Website with Ease

Are you passionate about travelling, and want to start a website where you can update all your details of your wonderful adventure? Well, Then you have landed to the right website as today you will get an overall idea, About how can you start a travel website from the scratch.

What is a travel website?

A website where you can update about all the beautiful destination all around the world and You can write about the adventures that you have experienced throughout your traveling. Provide useful demographic information to all the unknown people.

Steps to start travel from scratch?

To start any website, The basics are a must

Get a domain

There a number of TLD registrar website where you can easily get a .com or .in domain at dirt cheap cost

How to Start a Travel Website with Ease

How to Start a Travel Website with Ease

Some of them are

  • Godaddy
  • Bigrock

Get a hosting plan

After successfully registering a domain, get a hosting plan from a hosting company Hosting is must as it will help you to keep your website live So it’s better if you go for a higher plan If you get hell lot of traffic.

How to Start a Travel Website with Ease

You can easily get hosting from the following websites

  • Hostgator
  • Blogbing
  • Siteground

Once you get a domain and hosting, Change the name servers of the domain according to the hosting And then simple go File Manager of your website’s Cpanel, Upload Theme, and Setup Database and Customised all Things after that Start posting content. Start making useful content related to the travel niche and Share your Experience with this website.

This thing will help you in future.


Advantages of having a travel Website

  • You can get many sponsored post from big companies once your website is big enough.
  • You can add your travel website in your portfolio for future reference.
  • You can you own personal identity.
  • You can get vouchers from travel companies.
  • You can go forward with affiliate marketing.
  • You can post some ads using an ad network like Adsense.

Disadvantages of having a travel Website

Error 404 no found :p That’s the truth; there aren’t any disadvantages for a travel Website.

The only thing comes is the investment part, That’s nothing else but !!

  • Domain expense per year
  • Hosting expense per month
  • Theme Investment
  • Small miscellaneous expenses if any

You can use some Travel Website Builder, and this is the Best template and go forward with your journey. We recommend using motocms website builder for hassle free setup. They have several such builders such as Medical website builder and Restaurant Website Builder, You can also Use Motocms Templates for Business and Photography Websites, With these Templates, you can easily go and make your website without any difficulty.


I made my first travel website with the help of this only and believed me; this helped me a lot in a start of my journey Instead of hesitating and wasting yo.ur experience, make a travel website and share it with other people who are finding this Information.