5 Tools to View Private Instagram profiles

5 Tools to View Private Instagram profiles: The technology development in recent times has made people go craze of several social media such as Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, etc. Of those, the one that is modern and more popular among men, women, and teenagers is Instagram. It is a mobile application that grants people to share photos, videos either publicly or privately.

5 Tools to View Private Instagram profiles

Many Instagram users have faced the problem which does not enable them to view the profile of someone whom they care because of the privacy settings that is on the Instagram. Sometimes many Instagram users do not use their real name as their user name, so this way is easier to find them on the Instagram, and some people try to view the profile of their ex. Also, some parents may use this way of viewing private Instagram profiles since they are worried about the daily activities of their children. Now, you might ask yourself, how to view private Instagram profiles Or how to view private Instagram. By using the tools mentioned below, you can see what your kids are posting and about the person whom you follow on the Instagram.

5 Tools to View Private Instagram profiles

5 Tools to View Private Instagram profiles

Private Insta Viewer:

Private Instagram viewer is developed by a team of 5 members who constantly put their effort to improve the experience of the user in the social networks. The tool is known for its compatibility, simplicity, and security. It is compatible with any smart devices and operating systems. Most of the users have a doubt regarding tracking back for downloading or viewing pictures, but the private Instagram viewer tool helps to maintain the anonymity of their users through an encrypted connection.

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The steps to use this tool are very simple. The user has to go to the tool page and enter the target name for which he/she wants to view the profile. The details of the target user will be displayed, and it is necessary to confirm the information. Then the user can choose the one that is needed for him and thereby the tool begins the work and the user can view the pictures after verification. The tool helps to view not only the profile pictures but also all activities such as the videos, photos, comments that were shared the target user.

Private viewer:

Private Viewer is developed by the dedicated team who has experience for more than 5 years in developing social networks codes, apps, and hacks. The steps to proceed with this tool are so easy.  It just requires the URL address of the target user. The users who wish to view the profile have to insert the respective URL in the box that is provided on their official page. An option is provided to either download or just to view the pictures of the target user. If downloading of the picture is not necessary then the user can leave the box unchecked.

Then the user can click the button that display “shows the results”. After few minutes, the details of the target user are displayed in the page. The features of the tool are upgraded periodically especially the security parameters. The compatibility is also one of the main features which make this tool to be used by several clients. Installation is not required to use this tool since it is available in online. The user who views the private profile cannot be traced because the tool is assigned with safe browsing with proxy servers.

View Private Instagram.com:

The user wants to enter the user name of the target user whose profile he/she longs to view. The user has to click the option ‘view profile’ so that the profile of the target viewer can be displayed. This process may take few minutes, so the user has to wait for the profile. This tool does not require any details of the user, so this provides a level of privacy and safety which is necessary for the user. If the user tries to use this tool for any wrong purpose, there is a chance of hitting by the security team of the Instagram and the developers of this tool does not hold any responsibilities for that kind of issues and so the users need to be aware before start using the tool.


InstaSpy is a unique website which analyses the security settings of Instagram. A group of 5 members developed this, and they were currently working on developing some other apps for this purpose of viewing the private Instagram profiles. This tool requires the user to provide the target user’s Instagram Profile URL and to select the details that are essential for the user from the profile. The user can either view the profile through online or can download. This tool is safe, and it cannot be traced back so the user can use it confidently.

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Watchinsta is an online tool that helps to view the profile picture of someone whom you care without following or sending requests to them. The three main features of this tool are it is free, safe to use and works worldwide. Since it is an online app, it does not require any payment or money to use it. Thus the tool is free. It also serves to be the safest app to view the private profile pictures of the one whom you care. The tool works effectively as it helps to view the profile of the Instagram user who is in any corner of the world. The profile can be viewed by just entering the Instagram name of the user in the watchinsta app.