OpenSignal: Jio has the Highest Network Coverage Availability in India

Recent State of Mobile Networks report in India from OpenSignal reveals that Jio has the Highest Network Coverage Availability in India among the four national 4G operators. The report says that Jio has the network availability of 95.59{759ea7cc040b739ccdea57f6f3bf580aa9a47671a197b25f0707fbadbb7abadd} network availability over the country. Whereas all other operators such as Airtel, Idea & Vodafone are far behind from this.

Jio highest network availability

Along with the Network Coverage Availability Jio has the highest overall downloading speed which is 5.81 MBPS. Jio’s LTE reach has become much better in last six months. Jio’s network availability is around 36{759ea7cc040b739ccdea57f6f3bf580aa9a47671a197b25f0707fbadbb7abadd} more than it’s competitors. In the short span of time, Jio has reached the highest network availability, while other giants are still far behind from this.

OpenSignal says that data were collected from over 7 lakh users during the period of June and August. Airtel customers were only able to find a 4G signal 57.2{759ea7cc040b739ccdea57f6f3bf580aa9a47671a197b25f0707fbadbb7abadd} of the time which is quite low as compared to Jio.

If we compare the overall download speed then also Jio is at the top with the highest overall download speed of 5.81 MBPS which is increased by 1.89{759ea7cc040b739ccdea57f6f3bf580aa9a47671a197b25f0707fbadbb7abadd}. While Airtel’s overall download speed is decreased as compared to the previous report, Airtel’s current overall download speed is 5.05 MBPS which was 6.15 MBPS in the last report. Idea & Vodafone has the overall download speed of 3.69 & 4.06 MBPS respectively.

It cannot be neglected that Airtel has got the highest 4g download speed beating all other telecom operators such as Jio. Airtel has got the 9.15 MBPS 4g download speed which is at the top and Reliance Jio has the 4g download speed of 7.45 MBPS which is decreased as compared to the previous report.

So, as per this report, we can conclude that Jio has got the Highest overall download speed with the network availability of more than 95{759ea7cc040b739ccdea57f6f3bf580aa9a47671a197b25f0707fbadbb7abadd}. Whereas Airtel has the highest 4g download speed but the network availability of Airtel is quite low which is just 57.16{759ea7cc040b739ccdea57f6f3bf580aa9a47671a197b25f0707fbadbb7abadd}. The report says that  Jio‘s LTE download speeds have improved significantly in the previous six months.