How to Spy Snapchat Activity using Apps

SnapChat spying involves tracking the media messages sent or received on a particular device. This type of activity comes very handy to the parents who are worried that their children might get exposed to inappropriate media content while they are too young. It is absolutely legal for a parent to monitor the smartphone activities of their underage kid.

It becomes all the more important with SnapChat because this messaging service deletes every message within a matter of few seconds. SnapChat messages are called ‘snaps’ and they are not only deleted from the device but also from the app server. This is why there is no way to retrieve those messages and find out what your kid is up to.


The volatile nature of the SnapChat messages makes it necessary for the parents to have a monitoring process in place on their kids’ smartphones. This monitoring system is deployed using a spy app. There are some spy app companies that can carry out this task quite effectively. They keep a track of all the messages coming in to a phone or going out using SnapChat and save them at a central location. You can access these messages remotely using a control panel.

You will need to gain physical access to the device on which you wish to install the spy app. Once it is installed, you can begin the tracking almost instantly. These spy apps are supported on Android and iOS. However, the iOS devices must be jail broken for the spy apps to work.

There are many spy apps in the market. Choosing the right one may get a bit difficult. This is why we have handpicked the best apps for you. Here is our list:

  • MySpy

MySpy is easily one of the best spy apps to monitor the SnapChat activities. It is easily installed on the target device once you have acquired it physically. It sits quietly in the device and remains undetected. This app saves all the SnapChat messages, whether sent or received even when they have been deleted from the phone or SnapChat server. You can view all the messages using the Control Panel from your computer. The app is easy to use and if you need help there are plenty of online tutorials.

  • FlexiSpy

This is another incredible spy app you can use to know what your kid is up to with SnapChat messaging. Just like MySpy, you need to gain access to your kid’s device just once to install this app. Once that’s taken care of, you will have a permanent watch over the SnapChat activities on that device. Of course, you will have access to all the messages remotely.

  • SpyEra

SpyEra is another mult-platform spy app that has earned good name in the industry. This trustworthy spy app makes sure that all the messages sent and received are saved at a central location so that you can view them from a remote control panel. This app is very inconspicuous and almost impossible to detect. SpyEra is quite easy to install and very easy to use as well.

  • WebWatcher

Just like the other apps we have listed here, WebWatcher is also a spy app you can deploy on any smartphone and watch its activities. A concerned parent can use it to track all the SnapChat messages that land on the target device or are sent from it. What I like the most about WebWatcher is that it lets you monitor multiple smartphones using only one account. It is a great spy app to have.

So, you can easily spy someone’s snapchat using following guide