AppVN | Download Best Entertainment app for Android!

Appvn is a third-party app market that allows users to download apps and games for free. Unlike Google Play Store and App Store, Appvn does not require any registration and all the apps, games, ringtones, themes and eBooks that it features are for free. There are some other apps like TutuApp and 9Apps that provide apps for free (just like Appvn). Download Appvn online if you want to download all the latest and the trending apps and games for your device today. Appvn has some of the finest features that make it one of the best application markets out there. The primary feature of this app being that it does not charge anything for the stuff it provides. Other app markets also contain thousands of apps, but they may or may not be for free. Unlike them, Appvn provides every single app for free (that includes the premium ones). Simply download Appvn online and start downloading all the trending and popular apps and games for your smartphone/tablet. Download AppVN from

Appvn application market is a free to download app that distributes apps and games (primarily) for free. There are no in-app charges or hidden micro-transactions. It also does not require its users to register on it. Basically, all of your personal information will remain safe with Appvn. It does not access your storage, contacts or any other personal detail. Thus, you can safely use this app without worrying. There is also no need to have a rooted Android device to run this app. For iOS users, Appvn runs fine even on non-jailbroken devices. Apart from that, there is also no need to worry about encountering viruses as Appvn is absolutely (100%) free from viruses. Other free apps may contain unwanted ads and viruses, but Appvn does not contain even a single virus. Download Appvn online if you wish to download premium games and apps for free.

Appvn is virus-free-

There is nothing harmful about this app. As mentioned earlier, you will never encounter a virus on this app. There are no lags and the app has a very user-friendly interface. This makes sure that users can run it easily and without issues. Talking of features, Appvn totally nails it. All of the apps and games that are downloaded from it get updated automatically. There is no need to manually download the app file all the time (unlike other third-party apps). You will have a great, virus-free experience with Appvn. It is such a wonderful app that it has been downloaded more than 200 million times till date and the numbers just keep on increasing. It does not ask users for their email ids or even their debit card information unlike App Store and Google Play Store. It contains every single app and game that one can find on Play Store and App Store. Download Appvn online for Android, iOS and Windows devices today (for free).


Appvn APK for Android-

It is very easy to install Appvn APK on Android devices. In order to install it on your Android device, do the following steps-

  • Download Appvn APK online. It is a free to download file that is less than 10 MB in size. Once it gets installed, it will get saved onto a secure location on your Android device.
  • After that on your device, go to Settings > Go to Security Settings > Enable Installation from Unknown Sources. This will make sure that externally downloaded apps can be installed on your Android device.
  • Using a file manager, open the internal storage drive on your Android device and go to Downloads folder. Over there, you will find the Appvn APK. Tap on it to open it and tap on install to start the installation process.
  • Once the installation process gets over, you will be able to run Appvn easily. Download Appvn app today if you want to download of the Play Store apps and games for free.


Appvn App for iOS-

In case of iOS devices, in order to install Appvn, do the following steps-

  • Download Appvn IPA file (for iOS devices). It will get installed on your system storage.
  • After that put your device on Airplane Mode and go to Settings.
  • Go to General Settings > Date and Time Settings > Change the date to 1 January, 2015.
  • After that find the file and tap on it to begin the installation process. It may give a warning stating that Appvn is a third-party app and should not be trusted. But, as mentioned earlier, Appvn is an absolutely safe to use app. Thus, tap on ‘I Trust this App’ and the install will commence.
  • Turn off the Airplane Mode once it gets installed and you are good to go.