Advancements in Vaporizer Technology Over The Years

As technology has improved so have vaporizers. Vaporizer technology have come a long way. Vaporizers used to be big and bulky. This made them hard to carry around. New vapes small and light. They are easy to transport and can be used on the go. Vaporizers can even be used to smoke dry herbs.

Early Vaporizers

The first vaporizers was called the Volcano. It was made by the Storz and Bickel company. This vaporizer was a desktop convection vaporizer. A balloon bag system was needed to help a person inhale. There were other versions of the vape to hit the market. The next vaporizer looks similar to a pencil sharpener. There was then the glass done vape. Eventually technology improved so that the desktop version did not have to be used. The vaporizer became portable but it was still big and bulky. The battery did not last long and the device was very expensive.

Improved Size

The early versions on the vapes were big and hard to use. They were also very expensive. The newer forms of the vapes are smaller and easier to use. They use less power so they can use a smaller adapter and will stay charged for a longer period of time. They have a sleek design and are easier to use. Newer vapes also come in a number of different designs and colors as well.

Vaporizers and Dry Herbs

When using a vaporizer only a small amount of dried herb is needed. The vape will use a low temperature to heat up the herbs. This will allow them to release a vapor instead of smoke. This vapor is less irritating to the face, throat, eyes, and the skin. The vapor does not contain an odor. The process of conduction is used to heat the herbs as well.

Modern Vaporizers Use Dynamic Convection

This process will allow the temperature to change in the vape as a person inhales. The heat turns into static heat. While that is happening dynamic heat will be able to create a dynamic vapor. When a person inhales they are able to the full flavor of the vape. The only issues with dynamic convection is that it uses 10 times the power of regular condition. This will drain the battery fast. There is not technology that is being developed to help with this issue.

Best Vaporizers on the Market

Arizer V Tower

The Arizer V Tower is one of the most popular desktop vaporizers currently available for purchase on the market today. According to iMarijuanit, the Arizer V Tower is ideal for users who have little experience since it’s got such a user friendly design.

Firefly 2

The Firefly 2 is the latest technology to affect the world of vaping. This technology will capture the dry herbs that are used with the vape. There are heating elements that allow for temperature control. When the users hold down this button the temperature will increase. When they release it the temperature will decrease. This will allow the users to test out different temperature settings when inhaling so they can find the one that they like the best. This will also allow them to control the strength of the dry herbs. It will take some time to find the perfect setting but once a person finds their ideal temperature they will not vape without firefly technology.

Future of Vaping

As technology continues to advance there will be improvements to the vaporizer. There are new techniques being used to extract different areas of the plant so that every part of it can be used.

There are new concentrates being developed and improvement in the quality of the vaping juices and herbs used for vaping. There are new chambers being developed that will allow a person to have more control over the temperature of the vaporizer. The vape pen is also becoming more and more popular. This pen is small and easy to carry along. As cannabis continues to become more mainstream and has been shown to help people with certain medical conditions the vaporizer is looking to use all parts of this plant as well.

These are some ways that technology is improving the world of vaping. As technology increases vaping is becoming more efficient so that less dried herbs are used. This new technology also allows the vaporizer to be more user friendly and less expensive. Vaporizers are now slim, seek, and will last for a longer period of time.