Top Future Technologies That Will Change Our World

Through the passage of time, technology and scientists together have created a mass revolution in the entire development of not only the world but the universe. Every day there is an invention that takes place in labs and adds itself to the high advancement stacks of this world. The fields of medicine and information technology have so optimistically created and altered this world in ways where we can now have hopes of a time where we could slip in different dimensions.

It’s not just about stepping the feet on Mars, we have expanded our imagination and turned it into something realistic to far extents which could reach the corners of the universe. Although the development was quite inevitable, it just makes us more evident in the never-ending development of science, medicine, and technology. Even though there are some tech trends that explode themselves into our ideas and due to lack of resources meet death, there are a large number of significant innovations and ideas that have already processed their way into this world of the living.


Let us list down a few of them for you


Did you know you can now play blackjack online? Yes, you heard that right and to make it better for all the gaming freaks, how does the idea of 3D Gaming sound to you? Yes, there has already been technology equipped that helps you with sunglasses, but there’s a lot more to be put into the graphics and that’s exactly what the technology has been planning to do.


We’ve all once been in that moment where we want to make our comments being viewed or acknowledged during live streams on television, haven’t we? The scientists are planning to make sure your voice is heard! With this technology, people will be able to comment on live events on television just like they are allowed to on their social media networks like Facebook or Twitter.


We have all heard about AI technology, haven’t we? To be exceptionally clear about it, artificial intelligence brings about the idea of robots being build which exactly and precisely replicates the human brain. Even though there has been progressing in this field, there is still a long way to go. Fun fact, have you heard about the robot Sophie? Well, this is a robot that has been given the citizenship of Saudi Arabia and literally functions like a human!


How does the idea of teleporting yourself from one place to another sound to you? Pretty awesome, right? Well, here again, the labs have been filled with knowledge and workings on the idea of teleportation ever since a few years. With a minute progress yet, quantum teleporting isn’t an easy task, however, we have always believed in break the rules haven’t we?

The whole concept of this technology is to provide humans with the option to equip their brains directly to the Internet. Neural interfaces refer to the idea of controlling anything tech with the help of your neural brain mapping.