The Best Tech Blogs List of 2019

How would the world be without blogs? People wouldn’t share their views and neither could we know the trends of the day.

Unlike in the past, today a blog are used to update us on the latest tech news, politics, sports and more.

In today’s digital world where technology is running at a speed that cannot be measured with any gadgets, having a tech blog requires one to have the same speed or one that will make you get what’s happening and pass it over to your readers in the same speed. You need to be consistent and fast.

The Best Tech Blogs List of 2019

Well, that was just a by the way. Let’s get back to our topic of the best tech blogs. And our first blog is:

  • Mashable

If you want to be up-to-date on what’s happening in the tech sphere, particularly about Twitter, news, Facebook, politics, and pretty everything else about technology, then just head over to Mashable. The tech blog also features niche articles.

  • Wirecutter

Wirecutter was born in 2011 and is a tech blog for the New York Times. On this tech blog, you can expect everything related to gear and technology. The contributors for Wirecutter are mostly researchers, scientists, and journalists who are tasked to keep the blog updated with the latest news and happenings on matters related to technology.

From printers, computers to camping gear, Wirecutter gets you what you want at the exact time you want it. You just need to browse the category of your products and you are good to decide which one to pick from the information they provide you with.

  • ZDNet

ZDNet was founded in 1991 and was sold to CNET in 2000. The blog features a variety of tech news. The blog majors heavily on Apple, Google, and Microsoft. However, you can also download software, read product reviews, and also get some analysis on tech businesses.

The tech world is a faced-paced world whereby readers need to know what’s new at any time. The ZDNet team ensures you get the latest in consumer trends as well as business news before they are made available on other online publications.

  • CNET

Want to know what’s happening in consumer technology? CNET is the best blog to go to. CNET delivers THE best tech and business news with precision. Similar to other tech blogs in our list, CNET ensures you get everything about the latest tech products, providing honest and unbiased reviews. It features instructional videos, guides as well as interesting news about sports.

  • Gizmodo

Gizmodo’s slogan, “we come from the future seems pretty true since the blog features daily updates and tech news as they happen around the world. Well, of course, you will also read about what’s happening in politics as well.

  • TechCrunch

If you have ever read a list of the best tech blogs and missed TechCrunch, can I see your hands up?

Born in 2005, TechCrunch has been the rich source of information featuring news for start-ups, new tech trends as well as the latest tech products. The blog is estimated to attract 12 million-and-counting unique visitors per month.

  • Wired

It might not appear at the top or somewhere in the middle or at the end, but you will never come across a list of the best tech blogs that does not include Wired. This popular online publication covers almost every tech-related development as well as entertainment, politics, social media, and culture.

  • The Next Web

The Next Web is a child born by two guys named Boris and Patrick in 2006. The site was meant to share new of a self-started tech conference in 2006 and since then, the site has continued to dominate the best tech blog sphere covering tech news, politics, start-ups, and more.

  • The Verge

We knew you do not know and so we have decided to let you know. What hadn’t you know? You never knew that The Verge is not only the best online tech publication but is also the go-to destination if you want to learn more about contemporary products and trends.

The Verge in a tech publication of Vox Media and covers everything about the latest gadgets before they are released on the market.

Final Words

Now you know, if you want everything tech-related, then you gotta like these 9 best tech blogs.

Have any tech blog we have not listed in this article? Let us know it in the comment section.