Enjoy Easy Email Follow-Up with Snovio


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When you run a business offering some services, you need to do proper marketing to make the business grow. Manual work is too time-consuming and, in the 21st century, there’s hardly anyone giving preference to such kind of job. People become more and more favorable to automation tools.

One of such tools is Snovio. Snovio is a SaaS platform that offers its users 5 tools with lots of features. Today, I’d like to concentrate on the drip campaigns tool in particular because with their help one can do the email campaign successfully.

Snovio Drip Campaigns features

This tool of email campaigning will be highly useful for you. With this tool, you can create an email drip campaign which means you can spread awareness about a brand or a process through the mail automatically. You can engage many people with this tool. It helps to broadcast email to many people at a time. Also, you can send the follow-up emails depending on the triggers.

Send personalized emails

Generally, for business and promotional purposes, we send emails that are general or common for all. But the tool of Snovio helps to send emails that are personalized for each recipient. You can add as many variables as you need, first or last name, company name or position, or anything else. So, every email will look as if it was created for that person particular.

Send follow-ups to your contacts on autopilot

This is an amazing tool to send emails to a targeted audience and your contacts automatically. To do this, you need to add triggers into the email sequence. You can choose one of two options, either the contact opened the email or the contact clicked the link and set the time. If the recipient performs the trigger action within the set time, the next email will be sent automatically. And when the recipients reply to the emails from you, the email campaign will stop for them.

Send email from an extension

You can also send emails to the person whose website you are viewing right now. Simply click the email finder extension icon, choose the person, and click the Send email button. When the email is composed, you can save the email as a template for further use.

Additional features

Snovio has developed other useful tools for email marketing. For example, you can add their Chrome Email Tracker to trace all the sent emails right from the Gmail and G Suite.

For those who are still searching for the tool to find prospects, they have an email finder tool that can be used either as a web app or the Chrome extension. It searches for email IDs anywhere on the web and gives you the best results.

Last words

All these tools available within the Snovio platform are no doubt great. What is even better, the platform is SaaS, so you are not restricted to OS and will never have to download anything and later upgrade. Moreover, some tools were designed as Chrome extensions, so they are always at hand and ready to help you. The amazing tools of Snovio help to reduce the effort of managing emails and also to schedule emails to save time.