5 Simple and Effective Ways to Promote Videos

5 Simple and Effective Ways to Promote Videos

Today, video is among the most important content for marketers. Average mobile device users spend several hours a day watching videos. By 2022, online videos are expected take up over 80{759ea7cc040b739ccdea57f6f3bf580aa9a47671a197b25f0707fbadbb7abadd} of consumer online traffic. 55{759ea7cc040b739ccdea57f6f3bf580aa9a47671a197b25f0707fbadbb7abadd} of people watch videos everyday and this figure continues to grow at a fast rate. So if video marketing is not part of your online marketing strategy, you are missing out big. If you need even more reasons why you cannot keep video marketing off the list, you should check these stats.

Creating videos is one thing, but promoting them effectively is another thing. Here are 5 simple and effective ways you can make the most of this opportunity.

1. Use Social Media

Social media is among the simplest of platforms for you to promote your videos on. Use websites like Facebook, twitter, Instagram, and YouTube to share your videos in relevant niches. Studies show that 8 in 10 internet users have a Facebook account. Simply sharing your videos on your social media profile page, community pages, and groups can go a long way in getting views.

Then you can use the power of social media advertising to reach your target audience, even if you have a small budget. You can also run video campaigns on social media. For example, you can offer something for free to drive more people to your videos. This can help in more people playing your video and getting your message across. You can create your giveaway offers on social media and direct the visitors to landing pages with your video.

Another way you can promote your videos is by pinning them to the top of your Twitter feed. Do this for videos that are of more importance or have seasonal value. This will help ensure that such videos don’t get lost among hundreds of tweets. According to studies, this can help in increasing conversions by up to 10 times.

2. Integrate Video Into Email Marketing

Email marketing is still among the most cost-effective online marketing strategies. A simple strategy to promote your videos is to add them into your emails. Studies show that simply adding the word ‘video’ to your email’s subject line can increase its stats by the following rates:

  • Open rates: 19{759ea7cc040b739ccdea57f6f3bf580aa9a47671a197b25f0707fbadbb7abadd}
  • CTR: 65{759ea7cc040b739ccdea57f6f3bf580aa9a47671a197b25f0707fbadbb7abadd}
  • Reduced unsubscribers: 26{759ea7cc040b739ccdea57f6f3bf580aa9a47671a197b25f0707fbadbb7abadd}

When a video thumbnail is added to your emails it further increases engagement levels. In fact, studies show that the video thumbnail can increase CTR by up to 300{759ea7cc040b739ccdea57f6f3bf580aa9a47671a197b25f0707fbadbb7abadd}. This strategy is not only easy and simple, it also makes it possible to track your video views.

3. Leverage the Power of Blogs

Another simple strategy to promote your videos is to create a blog and include your videos in them. You can write blog posts about the videos in question or use the videos as part of the explaining process in an elaborate blog itself.

It is recommended to include the keywords related to your video within the URL, page heading, and meta description. This will further help in optimizing the pages and making it possible to get found easily.

4. Optimize Videos for Search Engines

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a highly versatile online marketing strategy and you can also use it for promoting your videos. SEO helps make your content shareable and linkable, thus helping boost the number of shares your videos can get. Make sure to include the share button in all your videos to benefit from it.

  • Conduct video keyword research to identify the most effective keywords to be included in your video descriptions and titles.
  • Add video transcripts to help search engines ‘understand’ what your videos are about.
  • Make sure that the video content offers value and is engaging. Even if you are promoting your products through a video, make sure your viewers get something of great value after watching it.

It is also recommended to add interactive video elements so that your viewers can take action.

5. Write Guest Posts

Writing guest posts is beneficial in more ways than promoting your website, blog, and brand name. It is also an excellent way for promoting your videos. Reach out to influencers and ask to write guest posts on their site. Make sure that their website is relevant to your content and link back to your videos. Most influencers are more than eager to exchange content. It is recommended to make the links seem as natural as possible to avoid getting the attention of Google.

So make sure to follow these tips to promote your videos. It is recommended to check this post for more ways on how to reach your target audience through video marketing. Videos are the future of content, considering the smartphone revolution and the number of hours an average user spends on mobile devices consuming video content. So every business should focus on creating more video content and promote it using the right strategies.