The 4 Biggest Carpet Buying Mistakes

The 4 Biggest Carpet Buying Mistakes

A carpet helps in ensuring that your feet don’t come into direct contact with the floor. Besides that, a carpet is one of those things that you don’t buy every now and then. In fact, most homeowners buy a carpet less than five times in their lifetime. This is because a carpet is made to last for more than a decade. But there are times when you might feel it necessary to get a replacement, especially if your carpet has already faded or remains dump most of the time. Since a carpet is rarely bought, most homeowners don’t know what to look for when shopping for one. They are often misled by the discounts that are on offer and by the pitches that are made by salespeople. It’s only later that they realize that they did not get good value for their money. Such regrets can be avoided by following the tips that are outlined below.

  1. Not Measuring Square Footage

Going to the shops without knowing the square footage of your house is a huge mistake. This is because you will definitely buy a carpet that’s either too large or small for your living space. Although you can trim it, you will end up with a floor that has a horrible outlook due to uneven cuts. Keep in mind that most stores will charge based on the square footage of your house. This means you might pay more when you could have spent much less. Before you check the best carpet brands you can buy, it’s advisable you first measure the length and the width of the room. This will also help you in budgeting for the cost of the carpet.

  1. Being Guided by Weight

Most people assume that the weight of the carpet is what matters the most. The truth is that the issue of weight only comes into play when you are being charged for the cost of shipment. In fact, a carpet might be heavy but wear out much faster than another brand that’s much lighter in weight. When shopping, you should actually consider its density. You can either opt for one with high density or another that has low density. A carpet with high density is recommended for homes that are frequented by many people while the low-density carpet is ideal for low traffic areas such as the bedroom and the study room.

  1. Getting Carried Away by Discounts

Getting a discount enables you to save a few bucks for other uses when making a purchase. Most carpet dealers offer an irresistible discount during clearance sales. They actually use this strategy when some carpets have been on the shelves for too long. As an inexperienced homeowner, you might be tempted to drop your guard when you come across such bargains. The problem is that you will still pay for the full cost when the carpet is being installed. Before you go for such deals, you should inquire whether there are any hidden charges so that you can make an informed decision.

  1. Ignoring your Lifestyle and Weather

Your choice of a carpet should be guided by your lifestyle. If you are the type of homeowners that like to rear dogs, you should narrow down to a carpet that camouflages the fur of your pet. This means you have to pick a carpet that’s not brightly colored to avoid highlighting the stains that are common when you live with a dog. It’s also important that you pay attention to the weather in your area of residence. A carpet that’s made from synthetic material is ideal for an area that’s wet most of the time as it dries faster than one that’s made from authentic material. On the other hand, if you live in an area that experiences hot weather, a carpet that’s resistant to fading is your surest bet.