What Is Instagram Video View & How Instagram Measure Video View

What Is an Instagram Video View and how Instagram measure video view

However, the video is not a primary feature of Instagram but now it has become more important than ever. Instagram launched its exciting features like Instagram stories, live video, DM video in 2016. It has an over 1 billion user base and millions of people use Instagram stories every day.

Over the years, Instagram increases the time limit of a video from 15 sec to 1 minute. But what does mean the Instagram views and how Instagram measure the video view. Today, we will discuss everything that you want to know about it.

Instagram Video:

Instagram was launched in 2010 that was basically a photo sharing site but later Instagram let its users share short videos. Now you can upload a 60-sec long video on Instagram and its story feature is much influenced by Snapchat’ story features.

Instagram stories were introduced in the year 2016 that allows the users to share images and videos and the life span of Instagram stories is 24 hours only. While you can upload 60-sec videos on your Instagram page that remains on your page until you delete it. With vibrant images, Instagram videos are also the center of attention on this mega-popular platform. Let’s have a look at how it measures the Instagram views on videos.

Measuring Instagram Views:

A lot of marketers are investing money in video ads on Instagram because people are likely to engage with video content more than other media. Nowadays, the number of views on Instagram videos tells how much your marketing campaign is successful. But how Instagram measure video views and rank your videos?

As you know the number of views on videos is not only the sign of the successful marketing campaign but also measure the online engagement of your followers. On Instagram, when the user watches the videos for 3 seconds or more than 3 seconds then Instagram counts it a view as it shows that people are getting engaged with your video and taking an interest.

There are a lot of theories about the multiple views of the same user. It is said that if a user sees a video multiple times for three seconds, then Instagram counts it one view. While according to the other theory, Instagram views will be counted multiple times when the video loops and view by the same users. It is said that if you watch your own video for three or more than three seconds then you will get a video view.

You can click on the number of views of your videos and see how liked your video but Instagram will not give your insights that who watch your video multiple times. The good thing is that video plays automatically when the users are checking the news’ feed while the Instagram story is user’ initiated. When you open the Instagram story, the creator will get one view. In order to get more views, try to post interesting and engaging content that compels the user to watch your video till the end.