Bitdefender Antivirus Latest Version for Mac Review

Bitdefender is one of the oldest and most trusted Antivirus Software company with a number of different types of Antivirus products. Their newest edition brings protection against all the latest viruses and malware. Bitdefender Antivirus for Mac has new updates that bring a set of advanced features to offer the best of protection to your Mac system.

The 2019 edition has got everything to make your web-surfing secured from Internet threats and malware. The software offers file encryption, protection against ransomware and different types of security tools which are bundled with the software itself. The system impact of this software is very light, it runs smoothly on your system and protects it from harmful viruses and malware.

Bitdefender Antivirus Background

This company has been in the market for years. The company has a number of products for different types of users and their demands. If you are a Mac user, then this Antivirus for Mac is the perfect security solution for you.

What’s new?

Bitdefender has upgraded its existing security tools for all the devices with a number of advanced features. The software for Mac is designed with Cybersecurity Technologies that offer 100% protection against harmful viruses and malware.

  1. Bitdefender Shield

This is an automated tool that handles all types of security needs on the go. You don’t need to manually setup things, just enable this feature to keep your mac system protected for 24/7.

With the advanced technology, this feature automatically detects and removes Internet threats and other harmful files from the system without affecting other files.

  1. Time Machine Protection

Time Machine is a useful built-in tool for the Mac system. This Time Machine Protection Feature helps you while you backup your files on a Mac, by offering an extra layer of security to your Mac system. This feature protections your photos, music, documents and any other data.

  1. Cross-platform Malware Detection

Malware targeting Malicious files are rare compared to the Windows-targeted files. This security feature removes such malicious files from your Mac system automatically. The files you send from your Mac system to your PC system are clean and checked from security features.

  1. Built-in AdBlocker

They also have an advanced AdBlocker tool to detect and block unwanted and annoying ads while you surf different types of websites. You should not use any third-party adblocker in order to surf your websites, just enable this built-in adblocker to disable adware.

  1. Ultra-fast Scanning

This security software is an advanced Antivirus software designed with the latest technologies. It serves as an easy to use interface. With an advanced file scanner, you can scan all types of files or the entire system with just one click.

The software detects harmful files and other malicious files from the system during the scan. You can remove all the affected files and unwanted malware files from the system with just one click.

  1. AutoPilot

AutoPilot is an innovative tool that is designed to work on the behalf of the user. This tool sends you notifications regarding the Internet attacks and other threats. You can keep it disabled if you don’t want to hear from this tool in the future.

  1. VPN

Virtual Private Network is an essential nowadays. VPN lets you keep your web-browsing secured from Internet threats. The software comes with a built-in VPN that lets you change your current location. You can also hide your System’s IP address using this tool which is included with this version of Antivirus for Mac.

  1. Anti-Phishing

Most Internet attackers are using Phishing as their primary source for attacking the users. This is the most suitable way to collect the users’ data from their PC systems.

The built-in Anti-Phishing tool offers an extra layer of security against online scams. Online scams come through email and pop-up ads and this Anti-Phishing tool removes such unwanted emails or warn you not to open them. The software will also send a notification whenever such harmful emails are received to your inbox.

Bitdefender for Mac- Pricing

Bitdefender offers different types of plans for different types of users. You can get its free trial version for 30-days for testing purpose. You can also get its subscription for premium services with 1 Year, 2 Year and 3 Year plans. You can get more information about its pricing and available plans from the official website.

Final Words: 

Bitdefender is undoubtedly the best Security Software designed not only for the Mac systems, but it is widely available for Windows PC, Android, iOS and Web-version. It serves a pretty decent interface with simple options to use all the security features at ease.

The software provides total security against Internet threats, Virus Attacks, Malware attacks, Ransomware attack and Phishing. The same software includes a VPN so you don’t need to spend extra money on buying VPN service from a third-party provider.