DeBounce Ultimate Solution for Email Verifications Tool Review

If you are a business or a website that has “sign-up with email” option, then you have to get DeBounce email verification solution. The internet has spread globally, where people want to try new things to empower their life and solve problems of their business. Among the legit customers, you will come across a group of spammers, who pretend to be customers and they do not use the services according to the policies. One Google search can provide 100’s of solutions, and finding an ideal one-stop solution is slightly difficult.

What is Service?

DeBounce is a web application that provides “email confirmation” services to the business people. If you are an online product or a service that has a sign-up form, then you have to keep it secure and safe from spammers. Remember, the websites, which provide free trial version period to the new visitors, and convert them into paying customers are the primary target for spammers. DeBounce is a premium service that provides unique technology and algorithm to provide a genuine email address lists and users on the platform.

DeBounce Features

You cannot compare a product or a service until you learn about the features. Every business or service is unique and has a different way of doing business, it is important that email confirmation services meet your business requirements.

1. Temporary Email Address

I consider temporary email address detection tool as an important feature because I have witnessed many people using it. A new account created using a temporary email address is not legit a customer because they might not buy your product and they will misuse the service instead. Spammers get away from their mistakes because there is no way to track them and it is an advantage for them. By using DeBounce, you can get rid of the temporary email address users on the platform.

2. Email Verification API

I don’t like to repeat the same sentence twice, but website integration is an important aspect for a business site. You can integrate the service on your website and it supports popular email providers such as Mail Chimp. Of course, DeBounce email validation supports WordPress CMS and integrating on WP sites is an easy task.

3. Syntax Eliminator

You got an advanced Syntax Eliminator in the dashboard, which designed to eliminate email address or recipients that are using invalid syntax. The eliminator removes the email address that does not follow the syntax rules, and it will keep the spammers out of the system. Of course, the function works on an integrated website, so you don’t need to worry about Syntax Eliminator absence on the signup page.

4. Minimize Bouncing

Million of spammers use the expired domain name and the email address associated to it. DeBounce created a unique combination of SMTP web tool and algorithm that minimizes email address bounce. By using SMTP algorithm, it removes the hard bounce email address and invalid email address from the system and they cannot sign-up for a new account. Such visitors have to provide valid reputed providers like Google mail, Yahoo mail, AOL mail, and more to sign up for a new account.

5. Domain Confirmation Tool

As the name suggests that, the domain confirmation tool runs a few scans on top-level domain associated to the address. Many expired domains are associated with an active email address, which is functional due to a few loopholes. The domain confirmation tool utilizes the existing sources to figure out, whether the registered name is an active domain or an expired one. Furthermore, it also detects the domain status such as parked domain or active running website.

Check out DeBounce for free

How to how upload email address and validate it?

Create a new DeBounce account on the official site and you get 100 free credits. You have to provide reputed email provider such as Google mail, AOL mail, etc.

Step 1: Log in to your account and it redirects to the dashboard, and then click on the “upload” button.

Step 2: A small window will appear on the screen and upload an email list in TXT format or CSV format.

Step 3: I have uploaded 100,000 email list and it will appear on the screen. You can look at the time it will consume to process and confirm the email address.

Step 4: DeBounce is a premium service, so you have to pay for the services.

Step 5: You can use the 100 credits and process a few email address for free of cost.

Step 6: I have uploaded another file with one email address only to demonstrate. Now, you have to click on “Start Verification” and it tells you about the credits deduction for the process.

Step 7: In the list, I have added one disposable email address and the tool detected it correctly.

You can download the report locally and you can view the report within the dashboard as well.

Bottom Line

DeBounce is a premium email verification service, and you can subscribe to the entry-level package for 5,000 Verifications for $10 only. For $1500, you can verify 5 million email address in one go and you get 100 credits for free.