MagoShare AweEraser for Mac Review

AweEraser for Mac is the most reliable and convenient software for erasing data on a Macbook system. If you are looking for a way to securely erase files and folders from your Mac, then AweEraser is the best option for you.

This Mac data erasure software offers many useful features to help you delete files from your Mac system permanently. This software is designed for all types of users. You can use it for your own system or for an enterprise or organization. Let’s collect more information about this software.

What is AweEraser?

AweEraser for Mac is a solution to erase files and data of all types from your Mac. This software serves an easy-to-use interface and removes all types of files with just one click from your Mac. It comes with a number of useful tools with which you can select individual files or folders to be erased securely from the system.

This software is designed with certified data erasure algorithms. The software permanently erases all the sensitive data, files and folders before you destroy or sell your system. The software’s main feature is topermanently erase data on Mac.

The software consists of three different data erasure modes. Each mode has different strength and power to erase data from the system. Let’s understand more about these different types of data erasure modes of this software.

Data Erasure Modes

Under different situations, the users of this software can make use of these modes to erase files permanently from the system.

  1. Erase Files

Erase Files is the most common and highly used mode on this software. This software erases particular files and folders from your Mac system and other external drives. You can manually select the files and folders and other sensitive data, and can erase them permanently from the system with just one click.

There is a special Erasure section available on the software where you just need to add or drag files and folders to be erased. Once done, just click the Erase button.

  1. Erase Hard Drive

The second most useful data erasure mode on this software is Erase Hard Drive. This mode will erase the entire hard drive of your system. It also works well with the external hard drives if you have attached them using the USB ports.

From the left sidebar of the software, you just need to select the Erase Hard Drive option. Once you select it, the software will show you the available drives with an option to select a single or multiple drive.

From the given list, you need to select the drives and then click on to the Erase button. The process will begin itself and soon the selected hard drives will be emptied. All the data will be deleted forever.

  1. Erase Free Disk Space

The third data erasure mode on this software is Erase Free Disk Space. The software stores your deleted files so that you can get them recovered using a reliable data recovery software. However, if you want to erase them from the stored section, then you can select this mode and can permanently delete the files and folders from your system.

This data erasure mode will not affect the other data and files which are already there in the selected drives.

These are the data erasure modes present on this popular Mac file shredder software, AweEraser. Apart from this, the software also offers two more useful tools Internet Cleaner and Uninstaller. Let’s collect more information about these two tools.

Internet Cleaner

This is a useful tool to clean up your browser’s space such as junk files, traces, caches, cookies, stored histories etc. You can erase everything stored by your web browser with one single button of this software under the Internet Cleaner tool.


As the name says, this tool helps you to uninstall third party applications installed on your Mac system. Once you select this tool, you will be presented with a list of all the third-party applications.

You just need to select the ones to be uninstalled using this software. Once selected, click the Uninstall button. All the selected applications will be uninstalled from the system in a few seconds.