The Pros and Cons of Google AdWords

The Pros and Cons of Google AdWords

When using Google and getting the search results of some query, you might have noticed these little ads that you see at either the top or bottom of the page. Those are AdWords ads, one of Google’s paid advertising services. It has helped many businesses and companies over the years but was also abused by many. As a result, many marketers shied away from using it as part of their marketing campaign. However, it does not mean that using Google AdWords is not effective anymore. Marketing experts agree that it is still an essential part of any advertising campaign strategy or plan if appropriately used. To further prove the point, here are some of the main pros and cons of using Google AdWords.


Measure results

Numbers are essential in marketing. They will tell you whether your campaign is a success or a failure, and which areas need improvement. Google AdWords gives you access to these numbers through its analytics tool. This data can also help you test keywords and new strategies before using them on a bigger scale.

Instant Result

Compared to traditional SEO, AdWords can yield instantaneous results. Provided you use the right keywords, created a fantastic headline and landing page, and invested the right amount of budget for your PPC campaign, you can soon have the traffic you need to start making sales or getting leads quickly.

Flexible budget

Google AdWords does not require a specific amount of money before you can start using the platform. That means, no matter how much your budget is, you can still run a campaign using this pay-per-click (PPC) tool and enjoy its benefits. For example, you’re promoting digital marketplaces such as (as an affiliate) with a budget of less than a thousand dollars. You can set how much the cost per click is going to be for the keywords you’re going to use for that particular campaign.


Fierce competition

Despite the negative rap it has received, a lot of businesses are still using AdWords. Some of these businesses and companies have allocated a big budget to gain more leverage in getting the top spots. If you, on the other hand, have only a few hundred dollars as your monthly budget, don’t expect to get the same results. It is still a numbers game where the more budget you invest into it, the better results you will get from it.

Take a lot of time

Google AdWords allows only a limited number of characters for your ad’s headline and description. You need to squeeze in your keywords and call to action while making sure that the words you use will grab your target audience’s attention. That means you need to invest a lot of time researching and testing the right combinations to ensure you get the best results possible.

No budget, no ads

Despite the platform’s flexibility in terms of budget, Google AdWords still depend on your money. In other words, your ads will have a limited run time if you have a limited budget. That’s bad news for you because your ad might get cut off before it can gain a lot of traction. You might just be wasting money if you don’t know what you’re going into.


If you’re thinking of integrating Google Adwords in your advertising and marketing plan, let these pros and cons guide you. After all, Google Adwords is indeed a great platform, but not suitable for anyone and any business.