TOP #3 Tools to Write Top Notch Content

A top-notch content doesn’t only come to be as a result of your motive, but also needs to be that you’re also competent (having the required skills), focused, and talented etc. These qualities are those that will make you to come up with a better content that’ll look appealing to your audiences and therefore, help you to generate lots of leads which could also easily gets converted. Thankfully, there are so many tools out there, designed to aid our longing for great contents, popular ones are that used for spell checking and a rewording tool.

However, there are more sophisticated tools out there that could even help us, create fascinating contents with less time and effort, and in this article, we’ll be talking about the top #3 tools to Write top notch content in no time.

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If you’re into the writing stuff for a while now, chances are that you’ve been coming across different people discussing online about this tool; “Grammarly”.

Yes, it is that popular, but have you ever tried to use the tool yourself? May be not, because it is probable that you need more reasons to give it a try, right? Well, keep reading.

Arguably, Grammarly is the best tool that writers could ever think about using now, regardless of their level of expertise within. Well, I couldn’t find the above an opposite opinion because I also find Grammarly very much helpful too.

What this tool does is that; it helps to pinpoint/recognize typos, spelling mistakes, grammatical misconstructions, plagiarism and other traces of errors you might have made while creating your content.

The tool can highlight those mistakes and if need be, it’ll wipe those, by correcting them. Otherwise, you might also study the mistakes and then implement manual corrections thereafter.

Surprisingly, Grammarly developers are so serious about their innovation, that they made it in such a way that it is able to recognize up to 250 different forms of mistakes which may have been made within a particular writeup.

Between the 250 types of mistakes that Grammarly can detect, there includes errors such as typographical, grammatical, punctuation and syntax errors, among others like plagiarism, passive voice or weak vocabularies etc.

An interesting feature about this tool is that; it doesn’t only highlight the errors that have been detected, but also label more information about the mistake so that the user can learn, and avoid such in his/her future writings.

When it comes to accuracy, Grammarly also stands out, although it is never perfect. Some errors might slip away, and render your content not free from errors or in worst cases, difficult to read.

This tool also comes in both Free and Paid versions, so to get the most out of it, the paid version is necessary.

SEMrush SEO Writing Assistant

When it comes to increasing the visibility of our website or blog contents in the sites of search engines, then SEO is a necessity.


However, as more sites are being created on daily basis (some high-quality ones and others with very low-quality contents), search engines felt the need to maintain standards by frequently Adopting new algorithms to figure out the best sites that responds to specific user’s search queries.

With this, SEO becomes not just competitive, but stressful. So, what if there’s a tool which can now inspect your writeups and tells you how to beat up your competitions through SEO? This is where the SEMrush SEO writing assistant comes in.

SEMrush writing assistant as an SEO writing tool, assists writers by providing them with the following features:

-Overall score: this inspects and tells the writer, the quality of his writeup based on specific metrics which includes the wordings, readability, and keywords placements.

-Readability score: this looks into the way you write, and describes how difficult the writeup will be, to an average reader. This is essential when creating a top notch and engaging content that’ll glue the acts of your audiences into reading to the last part or conclusion.

-Keywords Recommendation: this tells you the most searched phrases by users, based on the nature of your existing content body or topic.

-Target Keywords: this assists you on the selected keywords by estimating their difficulty, in addition to their volume.

-Plagiarism: inspect the article for authenticity.

-Tone of voice: ensures that the tone expressed in the writeup, goes in line with the originated format, to maintain a specific tone of formality.

-Link Validation: analyze for errors that may result, within the links added to a writing.

Another outstanding defeat is that SEMrush is able to place suggestions based on one’s very strong competition. This is one of the factors the writing assistant relies on or take advantage of, while recommending for Search Engine Optimization.


One thing no writer could afford to joke about, is how unique his/her particular content is.

A good content should be prioritized for its uniqueness, and this is why if there’s any one tool no writer can mess with, then it’ll definitely be a plagiarism checker.

Copyscape is not only acclaimed to be the most widely used plagiarism checker, but for its power, it is able to scan the web for comparison of any possible similarity between your articles and other existing ones.

With Copyscape, you’ll be able to ascertain a writeup for any trace of plagiarism, so that you can maintain a sound content at your disposal.

To work with copyscape, you can either paste your content on the provided field there on site, or place the content’s URL and proceed, while copyscape scans for resemblance. The highlighted words from the results are the similarities.

Wrapping Up

There are lots of tools out there that’ll help you to write a top-notch content for whatever type of content you desire, some could even help you generate new writeups such as a rewording tool and many others.

The fact is that; more tools that are drafted using cutting edge artificial intelligence and the already existing ones will keep getting improved over time, so as to help writers in writing contents effortlessly and with shorter time.