5 Fun and Smart Kid Games to Play Online

It is no news that children love games. A study from MIT shows that the average 8th-grade girl plays video games for 12 hours a week, and the average 8th-grade boy plays nearly twice as much. Kid games are in different categories, from simple fun to more challenging ones and could also be specific to age ranges.

There are lots of fun to play kids games on gamesgames.com. While it’s a great way to distract them and keep them busy, playing games have also been shown to harness the minds of kids and help improve their learning capability.

Below are some fun and smart kid games to play online:

1. Sago Mini Friends

Sago Mini Friends is an award-winning kids app that encourages educational play, as it creates a mix of creativity, puzzle-solving, and dexterity. The game lets the player go on a playdate with their favorite Sago Mini friends. The player would simply knock on a day to be invited for a playdate and the fun begins.

2. Lego Creator Islands

Lego Creator Islands is a fun and free building game that lets you build whatever you want and have an island you can call your own. The player collects bricks to buy Lego sets that can be easily constructed. Most kids already love building with Lego blocks in their playroom, so having a game like that online where they can build whatever they want is always a delight to them. Parents and guardians can also worry less about their kids stepping on lego bricks and getting injured.

3. Ourworld

OurWorld is a virtual world that contains a range of online games and activities and specifically targeted at ages 11 and above. This game allows you to make new friends and also upgrade your avatar character by collecting items like clothing, accessories, pets, and more to match your preference. You can also have virtual hangouts at coffee shops, shopping centers and more. OurWorld is an easy mix of a gaming app with a social app.

4. Santa Truck 2

Santa Truck 2 is a fun game for the festive season as it uses a Christmas theme where Santa Claus relies on you to deliver all the gifts. Your success in the game is determined by the number of gifts you were able to deliver before you run out of time. To ace it, the player must fast and must have good driving skills to support. You should also be careful not to crash the truck through the long icy journey.

5. Double Digits

The Double Digits game is a fun and easy way to learn math subtraction and addition, as that’s basically what the game is about. With constant practice, the kid would have improved math skills and who wouldn’t want their kid to be a Math pro?


The internet keeps evolving and provision is constantly made for even the younger generation. Your kids can have fun free games that are also educational like the ones listed here.