What Spring Time Can Do To Your Car’s Exterior

We are getting close to spring. Many people are eagerly awaiting the warmer weather and beautiful scenes of the next season. Car enthusiasts can’t wait for the more driving-friendly weather. However, spring may also bring some hazards that could damage your beloved vehicle’s exterior. Between rain, pollen and bird droppings, you may want to start looking at waterproof car covers for the spring.


If you live somewhere with impressive spring bloom, you are likely familiar with the clouds of pollen that cover just about everything. While this is a sign of the healthy lifecycle of the flora around you, it can also damage your car’s paint. Pollen is somewhat acidic and very prone to getting stuck to the exterior of vehicles. When it rains, that pollen could seriously eat away at your beautiful paint job.

Fortunately, a protective cover and some regular cleaning can help to almost completely eliminate this problem. Consider getting a car duster. You can quickly wipe off any pollen without having to wash your car as regularly.

Bird Droppings

During the spring, all the birds and animals come out again, migrate and mate. That is a beautiful and important part of nature. However, some of the birds may travel above your car and leave their mark as they pass by. Bird droppings are acidic and can eat at your car paint. If left without cleaning, this can cause serious damage surprisingly quickly.

Again, all weather car covers are the solution to this issue. Simply place one over your car whenever you park it for the day or overnight. Also, if a bird leaves a present on your paint job, clean it off as promptly as possible.

Tree Sap

Another natural hazard, tree sap is more likely to fall on your vehicle during the spring than any other season. It is for the exact same reason as the above two issues: Nature is waking up in the spring. As trees bud and grow new leaves, sap tends to drip down. If you are parked under a tree, this can spell bad news for your vehicle.

Again, the solution is protecting your car when you aren’t using it and cleaning up any issues quickly. Consider waxing your paint or applying a ceramic coat.

Pavement Debris

This is a man-made problem. During the winter, many roads take a serious beating from plows and ice-related cracking. That debris may be covered by snow during the winter. Plus, you may not be taking your prized vehicle out during the coldest months. However, when the spring comes, you need to watch out for debris.

Consider getting a car bra or other protective layer. This will help keep your paint job safe from any scratches from debris.

Protect Your Car Today

Clearly, spring brings many hazards with its many wonders. Make sure you get the right protective equipment for your vehicle. If you are storing your car for an extended period, consider getting full protection, including tire covers. However, if you continue to drive it, make sure you get a cover that is easy to take off and put on.