How Does The Pirates Bay Works in 2020


Tired of paying for entertainment services and not being entertained? Don’t believe in buying movies or games? Has false advertising made you upset in the past? Used to download free movies and games but can’t anymore? Torrent websites blocked?

Any of these sound like issues you have? We hope not! Accessing torrents through The Pirates Bay is easier now than ever. During the early days of the internet, people discovered ways to share more than just simple text, sharing pictures and badly pixelated videos was the new trend.


People would wait for hours on a dial-up connection just to download the video or the music that they wanted. Not to mention the disgusting quality of the videos and the terrible bit-rate of the songs.

All those free movies, games, and even college textbooks people had their hands on readily are now hidden behind a paywall. For a lot of students, Pirate’s bay was a way to have access to content that their families wouldn’t normally bring out the credit cards for. A lot of us millennials have early memories of downloading movies on the torrent app family this was called Torrenting. The speeds were slow and the content wasn’t always what you wanted but that was a price most were willing to pay if it meant saving money.

In more recent times, we have seen a rise in better internet connection speeds and better video and other data sharing systems. No longer does it take hours to download videos of bad quality, now we can download a movie in mere minutes! Most people no longer give it a second thought, we now take internet speeds for granted and forget that just a decade ago, and downloading anything took hours.

On the forefront of downloading anything from the internet at high speeds in the BitTorrent family of download clients and seeds. The most well-known of these clients is called Utorrent, but there are a lot more torrent applications like BitTorrent, Deluge, and a lot more.

Effects by anti-piracy laws.

Now with the ban on piracy a few years back, torrents are banned in a lot of countries. This ban has resulted in a rise of people buying services that they earlier got for free, the only thing needed was know-how and an internet connection that was fast enough to not make you go senile while waiting for the download to complete. While corporations supported this ban by the government as they said that it decreases the quality of future productions

as no one pays for content in the present but the truth is that living your life according to the corporations’ propaganda was not acceptable to a lot of users who by now we’re so used to getting free content that paying for it seemed unusual and wrong.


These people figured out a way to keep downloading torrents in the form of VPNs. VPN services allowed everyone to encrypt their data and change their location using an IP address which wasn’t even of their real country thereby passing legal restrictions of their country and choosing another country to browse torrents from, these countries were generally those which had more relaxed anti-piracy laws.

But this soon became just half of the right steps needed to access this free goldmine of data. One fateful day it was discovered that the website was under heat from the governments and had to be shut down completely. The pirate’s bay original URL was now lost. This left a void on the internet and this void could not be filled for a very long time.

After a few months, people discovered the presence of a “pirate bay proxy list” website which displayed a list of alternate links for the original pirate bay website. This proxy list is now regularly updated with newer links as the older ones are deleted or blocked and banned by governments of the country. This allows people to visit the proxy list website whenever they wish, selecting a link that works in their country and downloading the torrent they want.

A Basic Understanding- How Pirate Bay Works

Sticking to its anonymity and free content theme, the pirate’s bay requires no login to use. Opening the website presents you with a refined search tab with search filters under it.

Just type in what you want to download and you will get dozens of search results with the names of the torrent, it’s size, the numbers of seeds and peers, and the date on which it was uploaded. Simply click the magnet symbol next to where the size of the file is written, this will open your installed torrent download client and with a few more steps like selecting the download destination and clicking the ‘OK’ button.

What are seeds and peers

Seeds, peers, and leeches are the basic components of any torrent website.


Seeds are the people who have already downloaded the file and are now uploading the file for others to download faster. A seed is generally the first person to download a torrent hence seeding it for others. As many have noticed, after a torrent download is complete, the ‘Downloading’ dialogue changes into ‘Seeding’ and the upload speed rises. This rise in upload speed shows that we are acting as seeders for others who are trying to download the same file.


Are data points which do not have the complete file and hence are unable to share the file as seeders.


Datapoints that are downloading and uploading at the same time. They possess parts of the file and not the whole file. They simultaneously act as seeds for parts of the file that have been downloaded and leeches for parts of the file that haven’t been downloaded yet.

A final word

Paying for every movie you want to see is not logical, because most of the time these days, movies are falsely advertised as future classics but end up being just another run of the mill movie that we see once and forget about instantly. Such is the case with every form of entertainment these days. This is another reason piracy is widespread these days. With a decline in quality, a rise in prices makes no sense. And now you know how your favourite torrent site works.