Tips to Make Your Business More Environmentally-Friendly

Tips to make your business more environmentally-friendly

In recent years, the problems associated with climate change and a warming planet have become all too clear. In response, governments around the world are now instigating far-reaching policies in an attempt to curb and reverse the damage already done.

As well as committing to reduced emissions targets, leaders are now also starting to exert considerable pressure on companies to work in a greener, more environmentally-friendly way. The UNFCCC (United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change) talks scheduled for November were canceled due to coronavirus, however, during a recent virtual conference it was announced that 45 nations have now submitted revised climate plans for 2030 – much of them focusing on changing business practices. Even China, the world’s largest emitter, has promised to reach net-zero emissions by 2060.

With the clock already ticking and pressure mounting, here are just a few ways you could make your business greener and contribute to the protection of our planet.

Monitor and reduce your emissions

All companies are different and some are clearly more likely to have higher carbon emissions than others, but it’s still worth bringing in expert advice to check how your firm performs. Private and governmental advice is available if you suspect your company might have a problem with your Greenhouse Gas Emissions (GGE).

Work to reduce your energy consumption

Even simple things like turning off lights or unplugging devices when they’re not in use can, taken as a whole, make a huge difference to the energy requirements of a country. As an added benefit, you’ll also reduce your utility bills. The concept of smart homes and offices is finally becoming a reality in 2020 so think about installing tech into your workplace to automatically control heating, lights and general energy use.

Reduce waste – increase recycling

From the biggest production facility to the smallest office, all companies are guilty of producing waste and reducing the amount your firm makes is one of the biggest contributions you can make towards a greener future. Even taking the smallest steps like avoiding plastic cups, re-using the blank side of printed paper for drafts and fixing (rather than replacing) devices and equipment will make a difference. Moreover, be mindful of your duty to recycle – for example by employing cardboard baling for waste paper and card products.

Explore options for employee transport – or allow remote-working

Transport is one of the greatest contributors to greenhouse gas emissions so look at other options for your staff. For example, encouraging carpooling for those who live near each other or offering discounts on public transportation can help staff realize they don’t need to drive to work alone. Your workers will save money while the environment ultimately benefits.

Also, look into ways to allow your staff to work from home. The recent lockdowns prompted by coronavirus forced an increasing number of companies to explore the possibilities of remote-working and, in most cases, were heralded a great success. Indeed, some larger businesses like Twitter and Google have extended their remote-working policy indefinitely.

There are a great many ways your company could make a real contribution towards the green movement, but often the biggest challenge is taking the first step. Get started today to find ways you can help save the environment – while likely cutting overheads too.