Get eLearning Website Development Ideas From These Websites

Whenever a student needs help, he looks on the internet instead of the book. What does it mean? Students are feeling more convenient for studying on the internet. Let’s think if you also launch an eLearning platform for the students. It can be a great profitable business. Launching a platform is not a difficult task, the issue is you don’t know what kind of platform you should launch. Well in this article we will show you some websites, you can get the inspiration and start your own eLearning website.

1. Coursera

Coursera is the top rated eLearning website that has affiliation with the top universities of the world. In this website you can get the answer to any query, if you want to know about the specific topic you can get from here. I don’t think so this platform does not have the topic you are looking for. It is fully free, mostly universities encourage their students to learn from this website.

2. Khan Academy

Khan Academy is famous for the secondary schools and the languages. If you want to learn any language just visit this website and start learning. For example you have to type How to do a scotish accent, then in search results you will get different sources for learning scotish accent for free.

3. Udemy

Whenever someone asks you to learn skills from the internet, the website most probably will come in your mind is Udemy. Like coursera it also offers free courses from beginning to advanced level, but some courses on it are paid. It also allows the user to customize the course according to its need. There are many top professors registered on this website who are offering their precious knowledge free of cost or at lower prices.

4. edX

edX is also a free online education platform. There are many schools registered on it that are offering their courses for free. The quality and user interface of this website is amazing.


The websites we have mentioned above can be an inspiration for you. Just analyze these websites and determine which website you have to follow for your eLearning website development. Contact website design agency Glasgow for the free consultation of your eLearning website. For sure they will provide you the best solution and advise according to your desire.