Who Else Wants Secure Server Backup?

Creating file backups certainly does not seem important. Until a data breach or server breakdown properly occurs via the MongoDB backup tool. Then you better have a current backup.

Moreover, you may face long-term company troubles. With the finest server backup software, subsequently, you may need the fundamentals.

Most organizations have data encryption and automated backups. Although, virtual server compatibility is a must-have feature for many enterprises in server backup software.

Simplifying the data MongoDB backup tool procedure increases the chance of routinely utilizing backup software products and maximizing their benefits.

What is Server Backup?

Server backup software protects data stored or processed by server hardware. Despite, it is against mechanical or human error loss. On the other hand, these methods save server-processed data at places. The data is in a distant location, a remote cloud, or on-premises hardware.

Companies employ server backup software to avoid data loss. In addition, catastrophic situations keep client data accessible, unlike other backup technologies. The server backup programs interface directly with the server and only save its data.

Database Backup Software:


This cloud-based database backup solution supports MongoDB, MySQL, and PostgreSQL databases. Furthermore, migrate a database MongoDB backup tool. Automatic provides a backup history with various versions. You may also utilize a backup to replicate.

As a result, use Automatic’s file backup service to keep backups of your MongoDB database. You may Backup to another server or a cloud service. It works with Amazon S3, Back blaze, Drop box, and Google Drive.

Backup N-able:

This SaaS platform allows disk and server backups and file-level copying. It includes the MongoDB backup tool. However, it is developing for MSPs (MSPs). This industry has special software needs. N-able Backup is accessible for IT Operations departments.

For instance, an MSP must manage software and services for clients. It must manage many accounts. Keeping data distinct. At the same time, enabling the same personnel to access the interface.

An MSP backing up a client’s data would also be backing up MongoDB databases. N-able Backup is a cloud-based solution with safe backup storage. N-able also backs up such storage spaces. That’s providing you with a second copy.

Persona MongoDB Backup Tool:

This free MongoDB data management tool can coordinate database clusters. That’s also distributed implementations to ensure consistency. It’s Linux. The Percona system is available on-premises and in Azure.

It is also on AWS EC2 and Google Cloud Platform. The system is set up to Backup to AWS S3. However, it will work whether you find an S3-compatible cloud storage system.

The Percona backup service requires that databases are duplicated. Percona treats the backup service as a copy of the original database. Don’t worry; changing your database’s mode is simple. It also doesn’t merely depend on file copies or database dumps.

Backup and Restore using Rubrik:

This backup system’s methods optimize backing up and restoring databases through the MongoDB backup tool. This product is available on all major platforms. This package provides several deployments and backup options.

On-premises, it may run on a server’s OS or a hypervisor. The program is also offered as a cloud service. You may Backup to a local network file system (NFS) or object storage.

Rubrik reduces data redundancy in backup copies. Rubrik reduplicates data across several nodes. The system also supports point-in-time recovery. Similarly, which means you may return to a previous backup. It works with AWS, Google Cloud Platform, and Azure.

Actifio Copies Data:

As part of the Copy Data Management platform, Actifio can manage MongoDB backup tool systems. The solution connects a second live copy of each database instance.

Actifio can also handle databases produced using Oracle, SQL Server, SAP HANA, and PostgreSQL. The Actifio service is subscription-based.

But keep in mind that you receive the whole data management solution. It is not simply Backup and recovery. The subscription rate depends on the database’s overall data flow.

Commvault Backup and Restore:

This on-premises program protects MongoDB, SQL Server, MySQL, and Oracle databases. On Windows Server. Commvault is a complete service. It enables files. An entire disk or server backup.

Providing another option for backing up MongoDB instances. Commvault also provides data management tools like database replication and migration. It is certainly used with the system’s backups.

The Commvault Backup and Recovery solution can handle many instances as a central server with agents on each database host.


Our MongoDB backup tools are all a nuisance to use for various reasons. Yet we still recommend them. A decent backup solution includes both local and internet backups. It is the simplest to use and finest cloud backup solution for most users.