Top 5 benefits of a rooted phone

There are so many benefits of a rooted phone.It unlocks so many features which we cannot use before rooting.

You may think you don’t need to root your phone but you will be surprised  how much more you can do with a rooted phone like you can increase your phone’s speed,can install custom ROM in your phone,Hack any wifi and can run any app which you cannot be install in normal phones like wifi kill,luck patcher etc.But there is a demerit of a rooting like your’s phone warranty will no longer.So there is so merits and demerits of a rooted phone.

I mentioned some benefits of a rooted phone so you must read them.

1.Boost Your Speed and Battery Life with Rooted phone

rooted phone

You can speed up your battery life with a rooted phone and you can increase its speed too. for example there is a app SetCPU which you cannot use on your phone but when you will root your phone.Then you can use this app and can boost up your battery life and phone’s performance.After rooting you can notice your phone’s battery backup will be so longer.


2.Use Custom ROMs

rooted phone

You have all heard  the biggest names, like Paranoid Android,CyanogenMod, Paranoid Android and MIUI, to name just a few of the most popular ones.

Many custom are offering several features that aren’t available anywhere else.

For example if you have Samsung galaxy Note 3 and if you want to buy new samsung galaxy note 5 .But you don’t have enough money to buy that then you can install Custom ROM in your samsung galaxy Note 3.The benefit of this feature is you can install all the features of galaxy note 5 into your galaxy note 3 and your phone looks like galaxy note 5.

Most ustom ROMs are updated to the latest version of Android very quickly too, bringing you the best of both worlds.

3.Block Adds in any app in phone

rooted phone

Rooting can block adds in any app. After rooting you can download Adfree , AdBlocks apps which can only run when your phone is rooted. Other ads can be blocked by these apps apps. You can download Lucky Patcher too. Adblocking will run your phone smoothly without you seeing any ad. There are so many adblockers which you can install in your phone but lucky patcher is too good for this.

4.Real backups 

rooted phone

Titanium Backup is one of the most popular app. Any type of data in rooted phone can be backuped by it. But as well as acting as a safety net in case you uninstall something important.Backup is so important in every phones

Titanium Backup can also be used to backup your user data… any and all user data.

5.Unlock Hidden Features

rooted phone

Sometimes, even Android isn’t open enough to give you some of the cool features you want. Either an app is blocked by carriers, hacks into Android’s system files, or otherwise isn’t available. Luckily, rooting can help with that: you can install WIFI KILL app to block other’s wifi

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