Samsung finally announces its galaxy s8 plus, and its features are..

Samsung has finally confirmed a larger Galaxy s8 plus model. Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus was the model name as confirmed by it. Galaxy Note 7 has already done a lot of damage to Its reputation so samsung galaxy not 7 has been banned on spice jet specially among users have been damged.With the help of Galaxy S8 Samsung plans on hitting back big time in 2017. With a new, larger and better model.Namely Galaxy S8 Plus.Its features would be as follows.


galaxy s8 plus

The standard Galaxy S8 will highlight a 5.7in OLED show, while the Galaxy s8 Plus will pack in a quite bigger 6.2inch display.As a result expansive board will considerebly not affect a lot the general size of phone on account of new plans dialect that will also see Samsung destroy bezels from the handset’s outline. Think something like this.So Samsung released a new big screen phone this time.


galaxy s8 plus

The handset is much bigger, so it is surely gonna utilize a bigger battery.It have a large battery Presently,4000mAh cell will have great degree entrusting 4k.Yes you heard it absolutely right, The phone will contain a 4000mAh battery and it will give you a good battery backup.Samsung does’nt give good battery backup in their previous phones but now they give in their galaxy s8 plus because it is bigger in screen,bigger in display and bigger in size that’s the only reason they give good batterybackup in galaxy s8 plus.

3.Touch and Home key

galaxy s8 plus

The Phone models will clearly include an all-touch front board with also the Home key installed inside the new OLED show. This will  open up parts and more space for show and the phone looks very nice and this will make an all the more captivating review encounter.

4.Other Notable Features

galaxy s8 plus

Samsung’s new computerized colleague innovation. A double focal point camera. A new processor innovation almost enhanced RAM and Android Nougat. Battery life has also enhanced advancement for general better execution.

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