Best Food Delivery App in the USA

Be it taxi or ticket booking it’s just a few clicks and you are done. In this digitally driven world, you can get in touch of all those required services at the comfort of your home.

Best Food Delivery App in the USA

In this era of app based on demand services food delivery services are not left behind. If you feel a craving for your favorite dish and are feeling lazy to cook it or some guests come into your house all of a sudden and you have to make some quick arrangements then the first thought that comes to the mind is food delivery apps.

Food delivery apps with their quick services, amazing offers, the variety of restaurants have made food ordering an absolute delight for the users. The surge in the number of users on these food ordering apps has led to the emergence of online food ordering as a sub-domain of e-commerce.

The result of this is what we see in face of a number of food ordering apps that are available there. If you feel confused in regards to which one is the best app or which popular food ordering apps you should opt for the here is something for you.

We would now take a look at some of the best and popular food delivery apps in the US that are offering users a wholesome benefit when they order food. Now, sit back relax and continue reading to know about those apps.


DoorDash is one popular food ordering app that brings in some really good features for you as a user. Apart from those offers and discounts, DoorDash brings in ‘Delight Score’.

Delight score is a parameter that you can use to judge the quality of restaurant/eatery and place an order from the eatery of your choice. The Delight Score is compiled by DoorDash for all the restaurants listed on its platform and is based on the following factors:

  • Food Quality
  • Restaurant’s Popularity
  • Delivery Time
  • Customer Feedback
  • Hygiene Factor

The App also floats DoorDash Coupons and offers on regular basis to keep the users delighted with each of the order. The app is servicing in all the major cities of the US including Seattle, Boston, New York, Chicago etc

App Available on Android and IOS

Uber Eats

If you book cabs online then you might be well aware of the name Uber. Yes, it’s the same Uber that’s been offering you online cab booking services. Uber Eats has been the online food ordering extension of Uber.

Uber has launched its app not only in the USA but Internationally with countries like India on its radar. The app carries forwards the user interface and features of the Uber app (cab booking) to accord operational familiarity to the users.

Being new in the domain Uber Eats offers some special and attractive discounts to users (new users would have additional benefits at offers) apart from bringing in a good variety of restaurants as the option of choice.

Uber Eats is delivering in cities like Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, etc.

App Available on: Android and IOS


The GrubHub app is possibly the app with the widest delivery network in the USA. The app caters to the food ordering demands of more than 850 cities in the USA. One attractive feature of the app is that it allows you to surf restaurants as per the desired cuisine.

To add more to your quick search the GrubHub app offers you the item based search option to get you the list of all the restaurants offering the desired item. Offers and discounts add that additional touch to the user-friendliness of the app.

The app caters to all major and minor locations in USA including New York, Washington DC, Texas, Alabama, California etc.

App Available on: Android and IOS


The app goes by its name when it comes to offering services to the users. Seamless is what that the app is going to make food ordering for you. With in-app offers and special festive (and otherwise as well) discounts Seamless tries to ensure that your food ordering doesn’t put pressure on your pocket.

Thousands of restaurants and number of menus offer you an extensive variety when it comes to making a choice for dishes to order and the restaurants to pick.

The app is making food ordering Seamless for more than 500 plus cities on the map of US. With Seamless the one thing that you can be sure of is the quality of services and its timeliness.

App Available on: Android and IOS

Yelp Eat 24

If you are someone who makes an order or purchase online only after going through some verified review and feedback then Yelp Eat 24 is the app for you. Amongst all the food ordering apps in USA Yelp Eat 24 has the most genuine and extensive customer based restaurant review database.

The owners of Yelp Eat 24 credit there extensive Restaurant reviews data to years of research and analysis that they have done. The user has the luxury to choose from restaurants based on the feedback and can get the benefits of offers and cash backs as well.

Yelp Eat 24 is serving to almost all the cities in the USA. The service network expands to the length and breadth of the country and across the states.

App Available on: Android and IOS


Having talked about almost all the features of a quality food ordering app above you might think that there is nothing unique in Foodler. Well, that’s where you are seriously wrong.

This amazing Food ordering app brings in an option to pay for your transactions through Bitcoins. Yes, you can pay for your orders through Bitcoins or you can choose Foodler Bucks (only for in-app use) to take the burden of cash off your shoulder.

To make things more exciting the app offers to its users’ rewards that can bring them a chance to earn free meals for them. The service network of the app is spread across the whole country.

App Available on: Android and IOS

With so much discussion on food, we are sure that your mouth might be watering by now. Well even if it’s not watering now you have got the list of those apps to which you can cling on when you feel a craving.

So, don’t bother yourself anymore just pick up your mobile download these amazing food ordering apps, place an order for your favorite dishes and relax as the order reaches your doorsteps.