How to be Successful Global Entrepreneur Using Virtual Phone Number from CallHippo?


How to be Successful Global Entrepreneur Using Virtual Phone Number from CallHippo?

Going global is what every business aims for down the line. However, cementing your feet in the global market is not that easy as it sounds. It demands a lot of efforts and contrivances. One such tool that makes the transition easy is the virtual phone number.

Starting from low calling cost to global coverage, online phone number renders it all. Not only this, it is one great tool that let you run your business in the other country without being actually present there. Isn’t it a great thing? Yes, it is.

While you seek to get such sorts of comprehensive help from your toll-free phone number, it is very important that you pick the best one. CallHippo is one name over which you can bank upon for buying the virtual number. Here is why.

A global entrepreneur needs to be available around the call

Do you know that 35-50% of sales go to the service provider who responds first?

You are here in Canada and running a business in the US. So, it is very important that you are readily available to your customers as they prefer the vendors who answer their calls immediately. Yes, you heard it right. Winning over the hearts of your customers is not so easy.

However, buying US virtual phone number can make it a cake walk. By using it, you can forward your incoming calls to any of data-driven device and answer them as soon as the phone rings.

Even if you miss any call, CallHippo’s virtual number will convert into the voicemail for future reference. If one line is busy, it transfers the call to the next available line. In short, you lose nothing. This type of availability not only ensure that you are answering each call but also help you gain an edge over others.

A global entrepreneur needs to look out the cost as well

Do you know that about 82% of small businesses fail because of the cashflow issues?

As your global business is in its infancy stage, investing millions of dollars initially would be difficult for start-ups and freelancers. That is why they have to look out for inexpensive ways to manage the business.

The major expenses that global entrepreneurs face are getting the infrastructure and setting up a local communication point. Regardless of the investment, these two factors are important for any global business.

CallHippo offers inexpensive ways to get hold of both the requirements. All you need to do is to purchase its affordable VoIP phone number that come to a price tag as low as $ 6. With this, you need not set full-time office and arrange all the needed infrastructure for your global business. You can manage from back home also.

Besides, the international call incurring charges are as low as local calls. Your CallHippo virtual phone number uses an internet connection to make the calls. Calling over the internet is far inexpensive than calls with the traditional landline telephony system.

A global entrepreneur needs to get connected with its customers by all means

Do you know 82% of text messages are read within 5 minutes?

You can’t rule over the world by simply answering the calls. Text messaging is a rocket size. Customers these days prefer dropping or receiving text messages rather than calling you. Reasons, it is easy, quick and even gets noticed more than calling.

CallHippo makes you competent to reach out to your customers by texting. It offers free SMS facility with its VoIP services. Using it, you can easily send SMSs regarding promotion and offers, collect service feedback, ask for reviews and even let your customers register their complaints.

A global entrepreneur should sell local

Do you know that 69% of buyers prefer local businesses?

Majority of the customers prefer buying local goods and services. The reason being is that they believe that local businesses are easily accessible and hence, trustworthy. Even though you wish to go global, you need to operate locally. How it is possible?

Well, CallHippo is the solution. It offers toll-free phone numbers and local number facility that helps a global business to reach out to the customers with a local approach. You can buy a local US virtual phone number with local codes such as 845 (New City), 312 (Chicago), 209 (California), 305 (Florida) and so on. When you would be calling your customers using these local numbers they will think that you are situated locally and are trustworthy.

Even toll-free phone numbers with codes such as 800, 888, and 844 are also a great help to earn the confidence of the customers.

All in all, it’s a win-win situation for global entrepreneurs if they buy CallHippo virtual phone numbers. They can save money, earn customers’ confidence and get global exposure. So, buy it today and expand your global wings.