BigBangram Review: The Best Instagram Automation tool for Gaining Likes/Followers

Since after its acquisition by Facebook, Instagram has become one of the fastest growing social media platforms of the world. Having an Instagram account with thousands of followers is not at all a common thing. You need to be super active and have a better reach to attract followers to your account and likes to your posts. BigBangram is one of the best Instagram bots to get fast promotions and auto likes/followers. Apart from that, you can schedule posts, send direct message and comment on post of others using this stunning automation tool. Let’s explore it in detail.

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Why should try BigBangram?

There are endless reasons to use BigBangram as your Instagram automation tool if you really wish to boost your followers and likes on posts.

  • Auto Follow Bot: It lets you follow people by yourself and see how they reciprocate. You can make use of this bot and its smart targeting filters to follow people automatically.
  • Auto Like Bot: You can stay in touch with old followers through likes and attract the new ones too. You can start liking the campaign and enjoy the influx of mutual likes with this bot.
  • Auto Unfollow: You can easily unfollow 100 users on a single click. If you were using Instagram for this, it couldn’t have been possible. But BigBangram makes it possible. You just need to specify the number of people you wish to unfollow, and it will do the task for you without removing your friends.
  • Daily Limits: You can set daily limits to gain 40-50 followers a day. You can also customize the limit using the dashboard of this automation tool.
  • Free Proxy: If you are managing 3 or more accounts from a single IP, you can make use of free proxy to avoid any concerns on part of Instagram. The customers are assigned individual proxy servers to avoid any issues.
  • Multiple Accounts: You can easily add as many accounts as you want in your BigBangram dashboard. The charges may apply accordingly.

The Newly Added Features

  • Direct Messaging: You can interact with your new followers constantly by sending them the notifications about promotions, contests or discounts directly to their inbox. This can be done with both existing and new followers.
  • Comment Tracking: You can react quickly on incoming comments and stay updated. The tool collects new comments and enables you to organize an effective working process for them. You can easily track any activity on your account instantly.
  • Social Media Engagement: BigBangram also offers professional experience and knowledge to help you out in promoting your Instagram channel for desirable results.
  • Scheduled Posting: In case, you don’t have any free time in later part of the week, you can schedule your posts on Instagram using BigBangram. All your posts will get published exactly on the same date and time that you have specified.

How BigBangram works?

  • Signup for your BigBangram account and verify your email address. Once you are into the dashboard, you will be asked to add your Instagram account.

Bigbangram Review

  • After adding your account, you can use its advanced filtering options to gain post like or followers. There are multiple options to target relevant people based on your niche. You can target people based on location, hashtags and can also target your competition’s followers.

Bigbangram Review

Bigbangram Review

  • The best part is that, it also has a ‘Night Mode’. You can turn it on to stop any activities on your Instagram account at time when you are sleeping or don’t want more followers. This keep your safe from account blocking as a user cannot be active 24X7 on Instagram.


Good things don’t come for free. You can opt for its trial that will cost you $1 for 3 days. The ‘x6 High Speed Mode’ module will cost you $22/month. You can complete 3750 actions every day using this plan. The ‘VIP’ module is chargeable at $85 per month.

The Bottom Line

BigBangram is one of the best Instagram automation tools available on the internet. It is of great help for social media managers and marketers who are continuously trying to automate their marketing funnels. If you are an Instagram marketer or want to boost your Instagram followers, you should try this tool for once.