Ingramer Review: Your Powerful Instagram Growth Assistant

Ever wanted to be an Instagram celeb or boost your free Instagram followers on this social media platform? Finding it hard to do so? No problem! Ingramer is a powerful Instagram bot that helps you get real time followers and likes flows using pro targeting filters. You can boost likes on your post and increase the number of followers through hashtag, location and username targeting with gender and language filters.

How Ingramer works?

It takes you less than 7 minutes to sign up for this Instagram bot and set up your first promotion campaign. You can simply automate your social media marketing efforts in just 3 steps.

Step 1Sign up and add your account

  • Sign up for your account and verify your email.

  • Add your account to start the promotion.

Step 2: Set up your campaign

You can now adjust your activities like targeting your audience, setting up daily limits and enabling filters.

Step 3: Sit & Relax

Ingramer will now run your account(s) and will track down the results using the sophisticated analytic tools.

Top Features

According to Forrester Research, Instagram generates 120 times more engagement every follower as compared to Twitter. Ingramer has tons of features to offer to its customers. It can act as a social media automation tool for you. Let’s have a look what it can offer to its customers.

  • Auto Like & Auto Follow: Users can perform over 1250 actions every day.
  • Smart Unfollow: You can keep your account clean using this feature.
  • Advanced filters: Make use of advanced filters to narrow your targeting and get better results.
  • Extended functionality: Provide black lists, watching stories etc.
  • Full Control: You get complete access to tool target settings.
  • Detailed Statistics: Check easily understandable data curves and track your progress.
  • Auto Posting: Save hours weekly by scheduling the posts at right time.
  • Gifts & Bonuses: Users get discounts or free likes or followers.

Ingramer Post Planner: Schedule your Posts on Instagram

Scheduling posts on Instagram could have never been so easy. Ingramer lets you schedule your post and save your time, giving you much more time to focus on your business. You can save at least 300 minutes every month by enabling this growth assistant to schedule post on your behalf. By spending just 0.76 euros every day, you can free up at least 5 hours of your life every month. Let’s see how it works:

  • Add Photos: You can add as many photos as you want.

  • Enter Descriptions & Hashtags: Write engaging descriptions and add relevant hashtags using Ingramer free hashtag generator.

  • Add Locations: You must add location for the photos that will be scheduled on your account. It’s an interesting way to promote them on social platforms.

  • Set Time: You can now set the time at which you wish the post to go live. You can set the account time to post in the time zone you want.

  • Save Publications: Once you are done, save everything.

Instagram Hashtag Generator

It is bit exhaustive to select hashtags each time you make a post on Instagram. You can embrace the new AI-driven hashtag generator to generate hash tags for social media automatically. This free hashtag generator provides you with relevant hashtags by analyzing your photos, keywords or links.


This powerful Instagram bot has 4 different modules as of now. Two of them have been developed while other two are still under development. ‘Basic’ and ‘Scheduled Posting’ modules have been developed while ‘Direct Messages’ and ‘Comment Tracker’ are still under development.

  • Basic Module: This comes with a functionality of auto likes and auto follow/unfollow. It enables you for hashtag, location and username targeting. You have to pay $22 per account if you opt the plan for 2 weeks, $34 for one month and $85 for 3 months.

  • Scheduled Posting Module:  This module is chargeable at $18 for two weeks, $28 for 1 month and $70 for 3 months.

To get the best price, you can combine both the modules and leverage additional discounts. The ‘Direct Message’ module with cost minimum $21 while the ‘Comment Tracker’ module will cost minimum $18 once they are developed fully.

The Bottom Line

Boosting followers on Instagram is a hard game. Tools like Ingramer can ease up your life by providing auto followers and likes based on hashtags, locations and username. If you want to improve your Instagram reach, it is a must use tool for you.