Pounds Of Plastics and its Story

Pounds of plastics and its story

Plastic has been creating a huge problem in nature. One of the major reason of soil pollution is plastic. Though nowadays people are more prone to use paper bags and such stuff that is biodegradable there are some section s where the benefit of plastic cannot be defined. Pounds of plastic brings you recycled plastic that somewhere helps tor educe the plastic waste excess and then pollution. They produce recyclable plastic that is better than any other plastic. The company was started in the year 2001 and now they are successfully running their business of recyclable plastic products.

What does pounds of plastic offer?

By the name you could have easily understood that http://www.poundsofplastic.com bring products that are made up of different polymers of plastic. Apart from their production of plastic material they offer some specialised services which they have expertise.

Services of pounds of plastic

They offer some specialised service which are special thermoplastic formulations for the industries who ask for specially formulated plastic or just the formula. Pound so plastic is an expert in creating new formulas and also offer formulations. They also offer part design consulting. Which is. Consulting for designing different parts. They do offer mould design consulting which is nothing but the discussion on mould design and its mechanics. They also offer plastics technical assistance to several companies who are regular buyers of their company. In pounds of plastic, you can get technical processing services if you are connected to any of their product and that require technical processing services. This company also offers stocking program which will be beneficial for everyone.

Advantages of pounds of plastic?

The company has expertise in manufacturing plastics products but there are more advantages the company offers. You can find the pricing of the products and services are decent because want to give good competition to other companies. They also provide quick delivery services. They do maintain inventory and also experience in providing proactive plastics technical assistance. After all, they are excellent at their services.

Now you must be willing to know about their products. There are several products but we must know about the material that they use to make new polymers. They commonly use PA, ABS, OC, PBT, OET PC ALLOYS, POM CKPOLYMER, OVC, PP HOMOPOLYMER AND COPOLYMER HDPE, TPE, conductive concentrates, purge, ps. These are the elements that they use for manufacturing plastic products. polymers of these products are made to manufacture the new plastic materials and will help to bring on new plastic products.


Pounds of plastic offers a wide range of products made up with the polymer of plastic and they also offer several services which have made them famous all over the world. these products are being recycled to reduce soil pollution and other pollution caused by plastic. help them to learn more and join in this venture.