5 Best options for mid-range Smartphones

Smartphones are all the rage, with models coming out ever so regularly. All the brands are competing to be the number one producer with the latest features and the most powerful internal components. The race is not just at the top with the flagship models, it filters down all the way to the entry-level phones. The middle section is also huge as not everyone can afford the flagship model from a brand. Mid-range phones are scaled-down versions of the top phone and thus are made more accessible across the board; with ample power to be great phones still.

The top picks for the mid-range phones include:

  1. OPPO F11

A brand generally designed for a wider market the Oppo range has many midrange phones available. The Oppo F11 is packed with a Helio P70 and has variants for storage and RAM. Android’s 9 Pie features on this phone with their own user interface called ColourOS 6 layered on top.

This gives the user many more customization options that Android generally does not provide. At 6.5 inches the display is a decent size and has a good resolution which is 1080x2340p. With the Dual-SIM feature and ability to take in SIMs of different sizes. With all the usual connectivity options that keep users tied to the digital sphere.

With a 48MP rear lens and 16MP selfie camera. OPPO states that the 137 facial data points help create better selfies. Packing a 4020mAh that can power the phone for a long period with regular usage.

  1. Vivo V15

The Vivo brand has made a name in the past few years and has done well with their ranges. the V15 comes with a 6.53-inch screen and has a powerful pixel density giving the user good rendering of their interface. The interface is based on Android 9 Pie, with the top layer of FuntouchOS 9.

The processor powering the internals of the V15 is the MediaTek Helio P70. The camera setup has 3 lenses including a 12MP, a 5MP and an 8MP. The selfie-taker is at a massive 32MP. Packing a battery that is at 4000mAh and proprietary fast-charging abilities, making the phone charge quicker in hurried circumstances. If you want to buy this phone then you should check vivo v15 model price here.

  1. 3. Samsung Galaxy A30s

Samsung is one of the leaders of the smartphone industry, developing the internal components for electronics in general as well. With the Galaxy A30s, they have cut into a mid-range segment, allowing more people to use their technology. Coming with a Samsung Exynos 7904 chipset to power the processing, the phone has 128GB of storage and 4GB or RAM. The RAM is lesser than the other phones in this list but the Samsung RAM is also high-performance tech they have developed.

The battery is a 4000mAh Li-Polymer cell, these cells have a better life and can also be made into a slimmer form. The main camera on the Galaxy A30s is a tri lens setup, with 25MP, 8MP and 5MP lenses. The selfie camera is a 16MP camera. Android 9 Pie powers the software, which also has Machine Learning that enables the phone to learn the user’s pattern and optimise the phone. The screen is based on the Super AMOLED technology and is an HD display at 6.4-inches.

  1. 4. Realme 5 Pro

Another brand that is working on making phones more accessible at lower rates, getting components from producers that are not used by the larger brands for their high-end phones. This cuts the cost by a large enough margin to be accessible. The base software level is the Android 9 Pie on this too, again with Machine Learning to pick up the users patters and make the phone perform better. The top feature to mention is the fact that at this price this phone ahs a quad lens camera setup. The lenses include a 48MP, an 8MP, a 2MP and another 2MP.

Combined these have a lot of functions from a higher price point. The selfie camera is at 16 MP which also quite a powerful. Even the processor on this phone is one that s usually in better phones, coming with the Qualcomm SDM712 Snapdragon 712. The battery is based on the Li-Polymer technology at 4035mAh capacity. Overall this phone actually feels like something from a higher price point.

  1. Huawei P30

With Huawei’s HiSilicon Kirin 980 processor at the centre of this device, Huawei has made something that really puts everything in this range consider what their next step will be. The P30 has a display of 6.3-inches with a resolution of 2340x1080p. On the front the camera is a 32MP powerhouse, taking crystal selfies. The rear camera is a triple-lens system including 40MP, 8MP and 16MP lenses; making for a high range of options for the app. Battery capacity is at 3650mAh, again based on the Li-Polymer cells. The internal storage is 128GB and the RAM powering all this tasking is a 6GB chip. Android 9 Pie powering another phone of note in this range.

All these phones come with sensors to read one’s fingerprint for security making their information safer. The other sensors include proximity, the compass, accelerometer. Dual-SIM has also become a more universal feature that these models all included as well, most people are using 2 numbers or 1 number and one SIM for data. Overall these phones have been doing well in the market, some differences in design and personal preferences are majorly what people are choosing them based on as the budgetary differences between all 5 of these are minimal. The Android 9 Pie platform is a commonality, which is probably one of the many reasons they have done well. A stable and lean platform that has changed how mid-range phones perform today.