6 Types of Tools Your Tech Company Needs

Tech companies have a certain reputation they need to uphold. You can’t have a tech company that seems like it’s behind on the times. You need to have the latest and best technology at your disposal if you want to present a good image to your customers. With that in mind, here are 6 different types of tools that your tech company needs to have.

Payment Options

First, your tech company should provide various forms of payment options. Gone are the days where most payment transactions took place over a cash register. Now you can accept payments through your mobile device or online, giving customers more options. Depending on your type of business, you should offer payment options that fit your client base. For example, if you’re a tech company that travels to different locations, you could get an POS system for your mobile device and accept credit cards on the go. Providing more payment options to your customers is just one simple way to make them happier and make your business more efficient.

A Live Chat Feature

Customer support is an important part of any business. The more ways you can offer support to your customers, the happier they will be. Most companies allow customers to call or email them, but these methods don’t always provide the fastest response. The latest in customer support is what’s called a live chat feature. With a live chat feature your customers can talk to your representatives instantly right through your website. Live chat features are easy to install and come at a relatively affordable price. Most even come with chatbots that can respond for you when your agents are unavailable.

Universal File Viewers

If you’re a tech company, “I can’t open your file because I don’t have the right application” is not an acceptable answer. You’re expected to be able to handle all things tech and to find solutions to that sort of problem. Customers and other businesses should be able to send you any type of file. As a tech business, you should have programs that open up multiple types of files.

For example, if you create circuit boards, you could get something like the Altium layout viewer, which handles multiple types of BRD files. Think about which types of files your business deals with most, then look for a software option that can handle as many of them as possible.

Social Media Marketing

Social media is now one of the most popular ways to market a business. If you don’t have some sort of social media precense in place, your business will be seen as behind the times. Your tech business should have a few tools that allow you to market on social media effectively. For example, Hootsuite is great for managing your Twitter accounts and scheduling tweets ahead of time. When you combine social media marketing with other marketing campaigns, like SEO and Google AdWords, you give yourself a powerful online marketing strategy that is sure to drive customers.

Team Collaboration Tools

Thanks to the internet it’s now easier than ever before for team members to work in remote locations. If you have employers working all over the world, then you’ll want some tools that make it easier for them to collaborate. Get your tech company some tools that allow your team members to easily chat, share files, and provide updates on the status of different projects. Some simple free tools you can check out are Slack and Trello.


Finally, as a tech company, you’re expected to have the best cyber security. Your credibility as a tech company will take a serious hit if your computers get infected with a virus or your customers’ information gets hacked. Make sure you have the latest cyber security software installed on all your machines and that you are following basic security protocols company-wide – such as strong passwords and not connecting to public WiFi.

Start Upgrading Your Tech Today

As a tech company it’s important that you set an example. You need to stay ahead of the times to keep up the appearance that you know everything there is to know about the tech world. Take some time to analyze your current business and look for areas where you may have started slacking in the technology department. You may find that the technology you’re using is seriously out of date or that you’ve been doing things the old-fashioned way. Then use the list above to start making some upgrades and keep your reputation intact.