Effective Fat Burning Workouts You Should Know About

Losing weight is considered a struggle by many people, especially those experiencing a fat loss plateau, but that is not always the case. Traditional weight loss exercise routines may not be effective sometimes, and that’s why you should consider doing new exercise routines for better results. Here are some new fat burning exercise routines that you should consider doing today.

Breakdance Push-Ups

Breakdance push-ups not only work on your upper body strength and core but also significantly improve your flexibility and agility. You should start by positioning your body in a bridge position. Your body should be raised, allowing your weight to be supported by your feet and hands. Take one hand off the ground while simultaneously lifting the opposite leg off the ground, return to the starting position and turn, do a push-up, then return to the bridge position.


The man-maker exercise routine is done using a set of dumbbells and it is quite ideal since it involves the whole body. To do the man-maker workout, you should start by placing the dumbbells parallel to each other in front of you. You should consider using dumbbells that will provide some challenges to get the best results. You should squat down while keeping your back flat while holding the dumbbells. Your body should be in a push-up position as your body weight is supported with your hands and toes.

Try to move your feet forward as you raise the dumbbells with one arm at a time.The weights should be raised to your shoulder level.Do this with the other hand and move to a squat position. Quickly stand up and put the weights overhead by fully extending your hands. Lower the dumbbells and return to your starting position. Anabolic products will help you gain muscles faster when doing exercises, so be sure to visit 120kgs.net if you are considering purchasing these supplements online.

Sox Squat

The sox squat is ideal for burning body fat since it involves nearly all of your muscles. You should begin by standing with your arms stretched forward and bent at an angle of 90 degrees and should also squeeze your shoulder blades back.

You should then position yourself into a seated squatting position, then stand up while gradually straightening your arms from the 90-degree angle. The more sox squats you do, the more results you will get.

Skater Squat

The skater squat will help you burn more fat while also improving your balance, agility, and coordination. You should place a Bosu ball behind your feet directly, shift your body weight to one of your legs and slightly lift the other leg off the ground.This is your starting position. Move down slowly as you move your butt and hips backward. You should move to the point that the knee of your bent leg touches the Bosu ball. Return to your starting position by raising your body with your stationary leg. Repeat several times and then switch to the other leg.


You should not be frustrated if you are facing a fat loss plateau since many exercises can help you lose the desired amount of body fat. You should be ready to try these exercises to achieve your dream body.