What Is Content Optimization?

Content Optimization can be defined as a procedure of enhancing the webpage and its content by some amendments to make it more striking, more eye-catching, valuable and beneficial for users. The processes characteristically improve the performance such as page speed and available material to enhance the rank of creation on various search engines among several competitors. Your optimized content should be unique. Now the question is how you will identify uniqueness. The answer to your query is an efficient “copyright checker”.

Content optimization makes it sure that your written content should reach the target audience effortlessly. This Process should include links or keywords for quick search.

Importance of Unique Content

Copyright checkers assist you in detecting the uniqueness of your content. Moreover, they provide the facility to detect and then remove the plagiarism as only a plagiarism free content can get higher ranks. You want your content optimized for various search engines and humans. This is the reason you put keywords in title and various places of your writing. But if you copied the content or even keywords, then such a piece of writing is going to lose its worth among competitors. Therefore, only an advanced plagiarism checker can make your content more attractive and valuable by removing even a small percentage of plagiarism.

Key Factors for Content Optimization:

Content optimization in SEO:

If you are an expert in creating good content, then it’s not enough. You should make sure that your creation is accessible to target viewers. Now, this is the time where content optimization comes in. This procedure takes a simple content and turns it into something extraordinary. Google will give higher ranks to such extraordinary content which grabs the attention of more people. Higher ranks will have more web traffic. That’s how SEO works. And this is the basic role of content optimization in SEO.

Plagiarism free content:

Your content should offer new and relevant information. When people inquire about the specific topic, Google provides various relevant answers. If your content is not unique and up to date, viewers will lose interest and leave your site. Moreover, Google does not entertain any sort of copied content. So to make your content unique, you need a good and efficient plagiarism checker.

  • There are hundreds of webpages on the internet. Plagiarism scanner provides the opportunity to scan the content in-depth so that even minimum plagiarism can be detected to keep the integrity intact. Only SmallSEOtools provides such a plagiarism checker.
  • To deliver a unique and meaningful content that is enough to get higher ranks SEO plagiarism checker by SmallSEOtools provides the option of rewriting. Written sentences are accurate and keep the true essence of your content. Furthermore, the rewritten content is free from grammatical mistakes.
  • The originality of content is essential for content optimization in SEO. Content without a source will be worthless in SEO. Therefore, a plagiarism check by SmallSEOtools is must have to determine the source and originality of your content.
  • Sometimes you put images in your content to make it more creative and attractive. Now how will you identify the images to retain the originality of your text? SmallSEOtools provide an opportunity for a reverse image search for image identification.
  • Copyright checker by SmallSEOtools is capable of entertaining multiple languages to rank it first among various search engines.
  • In the process of content, optimization Backlinks can make your content more demanding among various search engines.


We can say that SEO is all about content marketing, and content writing is important for content marketing. In this way, we can conclude that SEO is all about content optimization. How should be the content? The answer is very simple. Content should be unique and new. If you don’t have new information about how will google rank your content? Give something extraordinary with the help of instant plagiarism check by SmallSEOtools to google to attain an extraordinary position in SEO.

If you are lacking in producing unique content, then just forget to enjoy a good rank. With every proceeding, second content optimization is becoming more important for SEO. Therefore, SmallSEOtools is all you need to enjoy the success among competitors on various search engines.