iMac Dual Monitor Setup

iMac dual monitor setup

iMac dual monitor configuration FAQ: Could I attach my iMac to external monitor? (Or, how do I attach a second display to my iMac or MacBook Pro via the Apple Mini DisplayPort?)

Sure, you can attach your iMac to a second monitor (external monitor)-this is how.

iMac Mini DisplayPort

To build a dual iMac display, find the “Mini DisplayPort” at the rear of your iMac first. You can connect your iMac to an external monitor using this iMac display port — and the right cable you’ll need to purchase.

iMac dual monitor setup with Mini DisplayPort

The iMac Mini DisplayPort offers “display of DVI input, dual-link DVI, and VGA video” as per the iMac technical specifications. What cable you need for an iMac monitor relies on the external monitor you want to link.

More simply, one of these three iMac display accessories can be bought in an Apple store, or elsewhere, like BestBuy:

  1. Apple Mini DisplayPort to DVI Adapter
  2. Apple Mini DisplayPort to VGA Adapter
  3. Apple Mini DisplayPort to Dual-Link DVI Adapter

iMac dual monitor setup

When you have the right connector cable for your external monitor, the configuration process for the iMac dual display is simple. With your external monitor switched off, attach the monitor with your new cable(s) to your iMac, and then switch on your second monitor. Your iMac will recognize the external monitor within a few moments, and you’ll also see your Mac desktop appearing on that monitor. Afterwards, it will always be a matter of how to use your dual display system on iMac.

iMac second monitor – Monitor adapters cables

As stated above, you’ll need an iMac adapter cable to connect your iMac to an external monitor. These can be accessed from a variety of sources, but here on the Apple store website are links to these iMac connector cables:

  1. Apple Mini DisplayPort to DVI Adapter – $29
  2. Apple Mini DisplayPort to VGA Adapter – $29
  3. Apple Mini DisplayPort to Dual-Link DVI Adapter – $99

These days, most external displays accept DVI or VGA cables, so you’ll actually want one of those first two forms of monitor cable. You can connect to an Apple Cinema display with the $99 Dual-Link DVI Adapter.

iMac dual monitor setup – Conclusion

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