How To Get Out Of Your Mobile Contract For Free

If you are using a mobile contract for a couple of years, and now you are getting tired of the services, and want to move on with another provider, there is a sulotion. Usually, this happened because of bad services offered by the mobile services providers, or that you are facing unreliable connections and so on. Now the question is what you can do about it to be able to help yourself. Either you can complain to customer support of a provider, or you can cancel a mobile phone contract. Well, most providers are charging for a contract cancelation, but there are some situations where you can get free termination and help yourself to avoid any financial loss.

If you are on 14 days Trial

Almost every mobile phone service provider offering the 14 days trial, just to make sure you want to stay on the contract or not. In 14 days you will observe everything about the services such as customer service support, connection coverage, and reliability. If all good then you can continue with the provider, else you can go for the other options. Remember one thing the connection speed is not enough to test you have to check everything for satisfaction.

Price Increasing Unexpectedly

If the service provider increases the price of the mobile phone contract without notifying you then you have the opportunity to quit the contract free of cost. This is the policy of the Ofcom that the notification is compulsory before 30 days of price increment. If they fail to notify you, then the customer rights allow you to switch the current provider without paying any fee. But we recommend you to check the terms and conditions of the provider once again.

If you are PAYG contract

If you are using the PAYG (Pay as you go) deal in the mobile phone contract, then the great news you don’t need to pay any extra fee on the cancelation of the contract. Whenever you want to cancel the contract just call the operator and tell him or her that you are no more interested in the deal. The operator will try to convince you, but you have to stick to your decision.

If Provider Fail to Resolve Your Problem

This is a common problem between the customer and the provider. The customer always has the problem of they are not getting good services, and sometimes providers fail to resolve their problems. The problems can be connection coverage, billing error and another type of problems. In this situation, you have the right to quit the current provider and move to a better one.

If Contract near to Terminate

The providers allow you to cancel the contract if the time duration left less than 30 days. You don’t need to pay any penalty just call the operator and tell you to want to quit the contract. The operator will verify if you are less than 30 days then the contract will terminate else you have to pay or you can wait.