The Main Benefits Of Playing Golf

Golf is played by over 55 million people across the globe, and it is popular in more than 200 countries. This is mostly because golf is an enjoyable, relaxing game – but you may be surprised to hear that golf comes with a wide range of benefits.

From helping to burn calories to reducing stress levels, here are the main benefits of playing golf.

It Can Help You to Access Further Education

Are you a young adult who is a skilled golf player? If so, you could apply for golf scholarships that significantly reduce the cost of further education by around $40,000 per year. You can study a range of valuable subjects (including Math and English) while improving your golf skills on the side, so you will have a selection of promising careers to choose from when you graduate. This surprising benefit isn’t considered by many people, but it could change the life of a young golfer!

It Will Burn Calories

Do you want to burn calories and lose weight? If so, golf could be a good option. Many people assume that golf isn’t very physically demanding as it isn’t fast paced, but in reality, this is far from the truth. Many golf courses over between 30 and 300 acres, so if you choose to walk from hole to hole (instead of riding a buggy) you will walk for miles – and if you carry your own clubs, the work out will be even more intense!

And there are lots of reasons to burn calories; for instance, calorie-burning will help to improve heart health and reduce bad cholesterol. It will also help you to lose weight, which is an essential goal for millions of people.

It Can Improve Vision

One of the most surprising health benefits of golf is that it can improve vision. This is because players have to focus on a tiny white ball that is often hundreds of yards away, and over time this can make it easier for them to see from long distances. Hitting the ball from the tee can also improve hand-eye coordination.

So, if you are short-sighted and you want to improve your vision, you may want to consider playing golf!

It Can Strengthen the Bladder

Another surprising benefit of golf is that it can strengthen the bladder – and no, we’re not joking. The sport is usually played outside, far away from toilets, and games can last for hours, so if you play regularly, you will inadvertently end up training your bladder to hold more liquid.

It Can Reduce Stress Levels

Playing golf can also reduce stress levels. This is for a variety of reasons; various studies have found that spending time outside in nature will release endorphins and reduce stress levels, and the peaceful nature of the game can also help to distract you from anything that is stressing you out. So, if you have had a tough day at work and you want to reduce stress levels healthily, you may want to head to the golf club.

It Is A Relatively Low-Risk Sport

Finally, golf is a relatively low-risk sport when compared to other sports. It isn’t a contact sport, and you don’t have to do any high-intensity training while you play. Instead, the game is focused on strategy and coordination, making it ideal for older players who want to keep fit without injuring themselves.