Tips for Social Media Hacks 2018

Are You A Victim Of Social Media Hack?  Just Stay Tuned For Best Safety Tricks

Be it a 10-year-old child or 60-year-old adult, everyone is getting social media addict these days. Social media platforms are good to stay connected to your friends and acquaintances but while using them your utmost priority should be your safety. The files, pictures, and media you share need to be protected. As any sort of hack may lead to severe unwanted consequences.

Social phishing statistics reveals the increase in a number of hacks and the unstoppably growing ratio of cyber crimes with each passing day. Although, stopping hacks completely is not our cup of tea but ensuring our safety with simplest tips is an easy acceptance to us. So it’s better to take precautions then crying over the spilled milk. Stay safe and then enjoy your social media platforms to fullest.

The write up below will guide you with top notch practical tips and tricks to keep your social media account safe and secure.

Get Acknowledged To Social Media Safety tips:

While creating and using any social media account you should keep following tips in mind to keep your pictures and other sensitive personal data safe.

  • Make Use Of A Strong Password:

Keep your password lengthy and tricky. It should be a combination of the alphanumeric and different symbol. Never use something that can be an easy guess. Do not use the same password for different accounts. Try to create a unique password for different uses. If you have your social media account logged in through your Smartphone’s, keep your phone password protected.

  • Always Keep A Check On Your Friend List:

Before adding up anyone in your friend list that is before accepting or sending the friend request, make sure you know the person quite well. Adding an unknown person may involve risk. There exist several fake accounts, so add selective people.

  • Read Privacy Policies Carefully :

Before registering yourself with any social media platform get familiar with its privacy policies. If you cannot understand, learn them well first. Always manage and customize your account’s privacy settings that best fits your safety requirements.


  • Always Be Careful While Sharing:

Whatever you are sharing on social media should not be very sensitive information. Especially home address, phone number or any such info that should not be public should never exist on your wall. Apart from the wall and story sharing, you should be sensitive to the information you share in personal chat. Do not share any private details over social media even if you know the person well. Try to use more secure ways like mail and phone calls for the transfer of personal data.

  • Remember To Log Off:

Never leave your account logged in. Whenever you are done with your browsing log off from all your social media accounts. You can re-login whenever required, it hardly takes time. But being logged in all the time makes your account an easy prone to hacks.

There exist several measures and different security awareness training courses that you can take into consideration to stay away from unethical hackers.