Top 10 Most Popular Gaming websites

Top 10 Gaming websites

Gaming websites are important platforms where people can do different things: play games, create their own games by splicing different scenes from other games, or simply browse the web for gaming information. Without further ado, this article provides some of the best gaming websites which are always trending and visited by many users.

Y8 (

The website has over 50,000 games which one can play online. Users are required to register on the website. However, they may play different games (such as chess, CS:GO Totem, and Dungeons & Dragons) without having to register. Though the registered users will have their scores calculated, and they will also be able to complete the positions of dashboards.

Game FAQs—

The website is owned by CBS that is the owner of Gamespot. The website hosts walkthroughs frequently asked questions, cheats, screenshots, and save files of the video games. The users are allowed to voluntarily submit the content to the website. GameFAQs covers all the game consoles, ranging from Atari, PC, to modern consoles. When a gamer is stuck during the games, he or she can visit the site to get insights.

GameRankings (

This rating site focuses on video games that were launched originally in the year 2004. It collects data form offline and online sources and its events entail ratings for classic and obscure games from the past few decades. The site consists of relevant reviews, a feature that has made many users claim that it is notable.

Machinima (

Another interesting website you can visit for a new video game experience is Machinima. The site allows the users to easily take nice video game footage and turn it into video or movie.

Kotaku (

This is a video game news website. This gaming website has interesting and countless articles on gaming for its target audience—young men and women.

PC Gamer (

This is a renowned magazine with popular gaming content on the online platforms. The site is concerned with the recent news in the world of gaming, additional previews, reviews, classic gaming, hardware discussions, and others.

The Escapist (

The site promotes an online magazine that covers gaming industry, videos games, and a gaming culture. The site has different editorial columns and video series that discuss games on culture, which includes analysis of the effect of games on people’s lives.

Gametrailers (

This video game website focuses primarily on the recorded gameplay and game trailers. The trailers may be watched in the high definition recently. The site has increased its operations to incorporate comedic videos and reviews, but it is based around watching greatest and latest trailers, and this makes the gamers to be more excited about the upcoming releases.


It is one of the best gaming site platforms for the gaming community. It is a website for teens and kids. Users are always free to create games and give others an opportunity to play the games. Over 300000 users have generated immersive and highly creative experiences in ROBLOX leading to the creation of over 15 million games.


It is one of the popular and top gaming website which is safe to play the popular games. Users can easily play games free on this site. There are many games on the site such as puzzle games, car games, girl’s games, boy’s games, and dress up games.

In conclusion, whether you are a game creator, player, or interested in gaming information, gaming websites will cater to your needs. You can try visiting the named gaming websites above and get to participate in online games or understand what happens in the gaming industry.