7 Features of a Good Gaming Laptop

While the desktop computer is considered the best option for PC gamers, a good alternative is a gaming laptop. The latter satisfies the needs of those who want a more mobile device that is just as powerful as a full-size computer is. A gaming laptop is different from a regular one—the former is specially designed for gaming and a bit more expensive.

7 Features of a Good Gaming Laptop

That is not to say that all gaming laptops are expensive. There is a price range that is affordable for those on a budget, and that comes in different specs. It may be a little bit overwhelming to choose which one especially if you’re not tech-savvy or have the technical know-how about certain specifications, so check the guide below to know what to look for in a good gaming laptop.


If you plan to get a good graphics card, it should also come with a good central processing unit or CPU. Most gaming titles are demanding graphics-wise, and your GPU won’t be able to keep up without the aid of a decent processor. If you plan to play some of the more recent AAA games, a Core i5 processor is a good entry CPU.

Graphics Card

Graphics are important in gaming in terms of providing a more immersive playing experience. Most gamers opt for the PC because it has some of the latest graphics cards the industry has to offer. You don’t have to have high-end one if you don’t have the budget.

In fact, an entry-level graphics card like the GeForce GTX 1050 Ti is adequate to play most PC games at high settings. It can even handle graphics at 1080p. If you want something that can handle higher resolutions, go for the GTX 1060 and above. If your gaming laptop has a high refresh rate monitor, get the GTX 1070 and the GTX 1080 for 4K gaming.


A gaming laptop should have a minimum resolution of 1920 × 1080, and anyone selling you with a display that is less than that is lying. In fact, laptops with 4K resolution or QHD are becoming more popular as the portable computer becomes able to keep up with the power of a desktop rig. You may also find that there are laptops that have touch-screen displays, and while that may be useful for apps or convertible systems, it may be unnecessary when you use your laptop for hard-core gaming.


If you have good visuals, you should also have sounds to match. You already probably own a headset for gaming, but it’s better to have good working laptop speakers to ensure you get your money’s worth. Some gaming laptops have better sound system with others built with their own subwoofers, so if you ever find yourself wanting to get good audio without using a headset, there are many options you can choose from.


If you use your laptop for gaming, an 8 GB RAM is decent. If you use it simultaneously for other things as well, you should go higher.

Browsers like Google Chrome are notorious for eating your RAM especially if you have many tabs open. If you like to multitask and want to transition from browsing to working, to gaming, then get as much RAM as you possibly can to make it possible.


If you’re familiar with how computer storage works, you would already know that SSDs are far superior to HDDs. They are faster and will allow faster boot-up than will a laptop with an HDD only. The fallback is that they can be expensive and don’t have a lot of options to choose from. However, they can be a good investment especially if you are a massive gamer.

Other Specs

While the most core components are important, the keyboard and touchpad quality should be taken into consideration as well. The keyboard specifically is integral in gaming as you’ll be pushing and even pounding on the keys during intense gameplay. You should check if the keys are comfortable and can be customized.

What features do you think to make a good gaming laptop? Share your thoughts below.